10 foot-long King Cobra hides under a car: Rescued [Video]

We have seen numerous snake rescues from India. This one, however, involves a massive king cobra that must be 10 feet in length at least. The video shows how a snake rescuer takes out a king cobra from under a vehicle, which is likely to be a jeep.

The video shows the snake rolling in a coil and hiding under the vehicle. The snake rescuer pokes the snake with a stick and forces it to come out gently. The king cobra rescued in the video is massive in size. While the video does not talks about the size, it seems like at least 10 feet in length.

The rescuer gently pulls out the snake and guides it into a snake bag and then the video shows the reptile being released in a jungle.

Be careful of snakes

10 foot-long King Cobra hides under a car: Rescued [Video]

During the monsoon season or days of heavy rainfall, reptiles come out of their hiding places due to flooding. As snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, they seek warm places to regulate their body temperature. Vehicles provide a perfect hiding and shelter for snakes as the engine bay can stay warm for hours even after the vehicle is turned off. The number of such cases increases during the monsoon season, making it important to be more vigilant when it rains.

Most snakes are harmless, but there are many venomous ones too. However, many people panic when they spot a snake, which can make it extremely difficult to handle the vehicle, especially at high speeds.

While it can be shocking and even creepy to find a reptile in your vehicle, one should never panic. The animals are almost always harmless unless provoked. If you try to remove them by yourself, they may become agitated and pose a danger. The best solution is to wait and call a professional who can handle such reptiles.

Although these reptiles are not commonly seen in urban residential areas, they are very common in areas with larger green covers. As cold-blooded reptiles, snakes seek hotter environments to keep their bodies warm, and automobiles, which are made up of metal, become a good choice for them.

This is why it is important for everyone to inspect their vehicles properly before getting in. There are also a few ways to avoid snakes when your vehicle is resting at home. Snakes can enter small crevices and can stay there for days before showing themselves. Before driving the vehicle, it is always a good idea to open the trunk and quickly check inside, especially if you haven’t used the car for a few days.

Although there is a slim chance of snakes entering the cabin of the vehicle, they can startle you if they appear on the windshield while driving, which can lead to accidents.