10-foot long King Cobra travels under a Maruti Swift for 80 Kms: Rescued [Video]

king cobra maruti swift

Wild animals getting out from their natural habitat in search of food has become a very common news these days. We have come across several cases where animals like elephants have blocked the road and even attacked vehicles passing through the road. Another type of issue that many people are facing lately are from reptiles. We have come across several cases where reptiles like snake have found shelter in cars and the unaware owner drives the car with these venomous creature under the bonnet. Here we have a similar case from Uttara Kannada district, Jagalpet, where a 10 foot long King Cobra was rescued from under the Maruti Swift hatchback.

The video has been shared by News18 Kannada. In this video, we can see a snake rescuer pulling out a King Cobra snake from the rear of a Maruti Swift hatchback. As per the reports, a person from Kandewadi near Castle Rock-Dudhsagar region of Goa along with his cousins were on a road trip to meet his relatives in a village near Jagalpet. On their way to Jagalpet, they stopped at Lord Dattatreya temple near Jagalpet. The temple was around 80 km from Kandewadi.

After visiting the temple, all four occupants reached destination safely and they got busy with the relatives. The car was parked outside the house. Someone noticed a cat around the car and it was actually snifing the car and was acting weird. Initially, they did not pay much attention but, when they heard an unusual noise from under the Maruti Swift, they checked and found a snake coiled behind the rear wheel and boot of the car.

10-foot long King Cobra travels under a Maruti Swift for 80 Kms: Rescued [Video]
King Cobra in car

The car owner immediately informed the local forest officer. The team reached the spot and started the process of rescuing the snake. It is said that the rescuer took almost two-hours to actually rescue the snake. In the video we can see clearly that it is a huge snake and King Cobras are actually extremely venomous. They are one of the largest venomous snakes in this region. The owner siad that the snake might have got inside the car from the temple near Jagalpet, however the snake rescuer had a different opinion. He mentioned that the snake might have been in the Maruti Swift from Kandewadi and the owner might have not realised it.

The snake was rescued by the snake handler and was later released in the forest nearby. This video once again shows how important it is to check your vehicle before any trip. Especially if you are living in an area where there is lot of vegetation and wild animals. Reptiles like snakes are cold-blooded animals. When the environment gets cold, they often come out in search of heat to maintain their body temperature. It is quite possible that the snake might have crawled into the car in search of a dry and warm place. This is not the first time something like this has happened. The owner did the right thing by calling concerned authorities. Trying to handle a snake like King Cobra is extremely dangerous. If you kill or harm the snake in any manner, the forest department can actually file a case against you as these are protected species.