10 FORGOTTEN bikes and scooters from LML

Lohia Motors Limited, also known as LML was a popular name in the Indian two-wheeler market in the yesteryears. The now-defunct company has given us a popular few scooters and bikes. Here are 10 forgotten bikes and scooters from LML.

Star Euro 150

The LML Star Euro was a very funky looking scooter to attract the youths.  The round headlamps with alloy wheels gave the scooter a neo-retro look in those days. It was also India’s first 150cc automatic scooter.

It was powered by a 150.82cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine that produced a maximum of 9.4 Bhp. It looks quite like the regular scooter but was much easier to ride with the automatic transmission on offer.

Star Euro 200

The Star Euro 200 the Indian version of the Vespa scooters and it was the most expensive LML scooter in its time. With a 200cc engine, it was also one of the most powerful scooters available on the market. It was powered by a 199.89cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that generated a maximum of 9.1 Bhp and 19.9 Nm. It had a manual 4-speed gearbox.

Select 4

LML launched the Select 4 in 2011 after losing a lot of market share. The scooter was a modern looking model with a small visor and rectangular headlamp. It was powered by a 147.5cc single-cylinder engine that produced a maximum of 8.6 Bhp and 113 Nm. There is a 4-speed manual transmission.

Freedom LS

The Freedom LS was LML’s way into the commuter segment bikes which were gaining popularity around that time. The bike offered alloy wheels and a headlamp cowl giving it a young look. It was powered by a 109.1cc, single-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 8.5 Bhp – 8.5 Nm. It came with a 4-speed manual gear.

NV 2-stroke

The LML NV became quite popular in the market and gave a good competition to the likes of Bajaj Chetak. The NV 2-stroke was launched in 2013 and was powered by a 149.56cc engine that produced a maximum of 8.5 Bhp – 11 Nm. It was only offered with a 4-speed transmission.


The Adreno was one of the first faired bikes in India. It was not a full body fairing though. LML targeted the youths with the offering. It was powered by a 110cc, 4-stroke engine that produced a maximum of 8.5 Bhp – 7.5 Nm. There was a 5-speed manual transmission on offer.


The Graptor was launched in 2004 and was one of the best looking bikes in the segment. It was designed by an Italian company known as Ugolini and became quite popular. The Graptor was powered by a 150.8cc, 4-stroke, 2 valve engine that generated 13.5 Bhp – 12.8 Nm. It had  5-speed manual transmission.


The Beamer was based on the Graptor but was slightly modified to take on the competition like Pulsar, CBZ and Apache. The bike was launched in 2004 and was powered by the same 150.58cc engine. However, the power output was increased and it generated 14 Bhp – 13 Nm. It got a 5-speed manual transmission.

Freedom Prima 125

LML launched the Freedom Prima 125 which was an updated version of the Freedom 110. The bike received a newly developed 125cc engine that churned out 10.7 Bhp – 10.4 Nm. It also had a front disc brake.


The Energy was the naked version of the Adreno and looked quite enticing. The bike was powered by the same 110cc engine and developed similar 8.5 Bhp – 7.5 Nm. It came with a 4-speed transmission.