10 FUTURE Royal Enfield motorcycles: From twin cylinder Himalayan to Thunderbird 650

Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world that is still in business. The brand loves to experiment and, in the past, has launched a few different body styles of bikes to attract buyers. Nonetheless, Royal Enfield is the largest seller in the segment and will soon launch their first parallel-twin-cylinder-powered Interceptor and Continental GT 650. Royal Enfield will use the all-new engine in various bikes in India. Here are ten renders that show how the future Royal Enfield bikes may look like.

Royal Enfield Classic 650

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is one of the popular bikes in the Indian market. It is the best selling bike in the above-300 cc segment in India and sells in big numbers. The Classic offers the best of both the worlds with vintage design and modern mechanicals. The 650-cc engine powered Classic is expected to remain unchanged in the way it looks. However, with the bigger engine block, the bike will look much wider and be intimidating on the road.


Royal Enfield Himalayan 650

The Royal Enfield Himalayan created quite a few ripples in the market. However, the bike has been criticised for its quality and low power output. While Royal Enfield rectified the quality by updating the Himalayan, the bike remains underpowered for many. Royal Enfield may decide to launch the adventure bike with the new engine. We may see changes like an updated tank and a new visor up front but the bike will remain same overall.


Another Himalayan

Here is another way that the Himalayan 650 may look like. While the previous render looks modern, this one follows the current design of the Himalayan that offers classic looks. Royal Enfield may just use the current version of the bike and plonk a bigger engine in the Himalayan 650 when it is launched. It sure will be a successful product if it comes with a right price tag.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is the long-distance touring focussed bike from the brand and it sure can do with more power on open highways. The Thunderbird is known for its relaxed seating position and wide handlebars that do not tire the rider for miles. The 650-cc parallel-twin powered Royal Enfield Thunderbird shown in the rendered image will continue to get the teardrop shaped fuel tank, keeping the identity alive.


Royal Enfield Scrambler

The Royal Enfield Scrambler is another bike that can be a possibility in the future. The rendered image seen here looks inspired by the Royal Enfield Interceptor and gets a dual-coloured fuel tank. It also gets big block tyres and looks quite interesting overall. The Royal Enfield Scrambler will look quite interesting and will be a fun-to-ride bike.

Scrambler 2

Here is another way the upcoming Scrambler may look like in the future. This looks very aggressive and comes with a muscular fuel tank. The bike also gets fatter tyres and exposed chassis. It gets the 400-cc engine of the Himalayan and the chassis is also the same. This sure looks like a head-turner on the road.


Royal Enfield Fury

Royal Enfield has revived the Interceptor name from the past. It is quite possible that the brand will rekindle the Fury name in the future to bring back memories of the iconic bike that was available in the 1980s. The modern-day Fury looks quite different and has an aggressive stance. It has a sleek body and fuel tank. The Fury is a forgotten name in the Indian market but a comeback from the manufacturer will attract a lot of buyers.


Royal Enfield Trailblazer

Here is another scrambler bike that is based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400. It gets a modern look with the dual-tone paint scheme, chopped front fender, new headlamp and big block tyres. It sure looks quite attractive and much more interesting than the Royal Enfield Himalayan.


Scrambler 650

Here is a Royal Enfield Scrambler 650 that will utilise the all-new parallel-twin engine. It looks simple yet elegant and gets a few sporty decals too. The bike gets a beak-shaped front mudguard and big block tyres. It is minimalistic in design and looks quite good.


Royal Enfield Club Racer

The Royal Enfield Interceptor-based rendered image looks very attractive. The Club Racer render changes the Interceptor into a tracker bike and also adds a cowl to the headlamp. It looks more complete than the Interceptor too and uses a different elongated tank to accommodate the rider’s aggressive stance.