10 ‘GAME-CHANGER’ Indian scooters: Honda Activa to Bajaj Chetak

The scooter segment of the Indian two-wheeler market has come a long way. There was a time when geared scooters ruled Indian streets. Today, geared motorcycles are far more popular, but there’s a fast-growing demand for automatic scooters. Over the years, there have been some remarkable models that have shaped the scooter market of our country. Here is a look at 10 such models.

Bajaj Chetak – The scooter that put India on two wheels

Bajaj Chetak 150

It won’t be wrong to say that the Bajaj Chetak was the Volkswagen Beetle of our country. This is the scooter that served as the daily workhorse of many families. It’s said that the demand for the Chetak used to be so high that the waiting period often soared to over a year. Powering the Chetak was a 150-cc, two-stroke engine that offered a decent amount of torque. It’s the scooter that was responsible for putting Indian families on wheels. The Chetak is definitely among the biggest game changers of the Indian scooter market.

TVS Scooty – Made automatic scooters really popular among women

The TVS Scooty was first launched in 1994. It was light, sufficiently peppy, and affordable, which made it a favourite of many women who needed a reliable and convenient workhorse for the daily grind. The Scooty originally came with a 60-cc, two-stroke motor that offered roughly 3.5 bhp of maximum power. The Scooty shot to fame much before the Honda Activa came into the picture.

Kinetic Honda – India’s first automatic scooter

The Kinetic Honda became India’s first-ever automatic scooter and was very popular among two-wheeler buyers. While it was aimed at youngsters, it was fairly popular among all age groups. The Kinetic Honda was powered by 98-cc, two-stroke engine that offered a maximum power of 7.7 bhp and a peak torque of 9.8 Nm.

Honda Activa – Made scooters popular again

The Honda Activa is easily the most popular automatic scooter of India. There’s a really great demand for this scooter, so much so that the word ‘Activa’ is synonymous with the term ‘automatic scooter’. The Activa has gone through several updates and is the preferred choice of many. It’s reliable, frugal, and highly convenient. It’s actually the Activa that is responsible for injecting a fresh lease of life into the scooter market of our country.

Honda Dio – Appealed to all those who wanted a stylish alternative to the Activa

While the Honda Activa is a highly popular offering that has a wide appeal, the Dio is its more fashionable sibling. The Dio has always shared the underpinnings with the Activa but has appealed more to the younger audience owing to its flamboyant styling and the same tried-and-tested engine.

TVS NTorq 125 – First fun-to-ride scooter with modern connectivity features

The NTORQ 125 is the latest automatic scooter from TVS Motor Corp. It’s a funky-looking offering that is not only fun to ride but also offers various connectivity features. Powering the scooter is a 124.79-cc motor that outputs 9.4 PS. Also, the scooter offers sharp handling characteristics. Another major highlight is its long list of features, which even includes smartphone connectivity options.

Suzuki Access 125 – India’s first fun-to-ride 125-cc automatic scooter

The Suzuki Access 125 is the model that made the 125-cc automatic scooter segment popular. Like the Activa, it has conservative styling and offers a decent ride quality. Powering the Access 125 is a 125-cc, four-stroke engine that produces 8.7 PS of peak power and 10.2Nm of peak torque.

Vespa VX 125 – India’s first retro-style automatic scooter

The Vespa VX 125 became the first modern, retro-style automatic scooter of India. While this scooter is slightly pricey, it offers a remarkable street presence owing to its deliciously retro look. It’s powered by a 125-cc, single-cylinder motor that offers 10.2 PS.

Ather S340 – India’s most tech-laden scooter

While the sales of the Ather are limited to Bangalore, it’s easily the most tech-laden electric scooter on sale in the country. It offers features like a reverse gear, touchscreen instrument cluster and smartphone connectivity.

Aprilia SR 150 – Sportiest automatic scooter in India

While the Aprilia SR 150 shares its engine with the retro-styled Vespa sibling, it comes across as a far sportier model. The Aprilia SR 150 looks sporty and is a hoot to ride. It’s powered by a 154.8-cc engine that outputs 10.4 bhp of maximum power. It’s definitely the SR 150 that has proved that modern automatic scooters can be a lot of fun without compromising on the convenience factor.