10 GORGEOUS Hindustan Ambassadors & Contessa cars from across India

The Indian car market has become one of the largest car markets in the world. Over the years, the market has seen numerous launches, and few of them have truly become legends. The Hindustan Ambassador and the Contessa are two such cars that have a huge fan base in India. Many Ambassadors and Contessas, in an immaculate condition, can still be seen on roads. Here are ten beautifully modified Ambassador and Contessa models from around India.


Here is a good looking Hindustan Ambassador that ha been given modern parts. It retains its charm through its old-design body and new features like LED headlamps. The sedan also gets a custom exhaust system that increases the power of the 2.0-litre diesel engine but the exact power bump is not known. The paint scheme has been upgraded to a new Metallic Ash paint job that gives it a classy look.

Mean green

Here is a Hindustan Ambassador that gets an extremely loud paint scheme and carries it well too. Ceramic Pro Calicut has restored the 1969 Mark-II Ambassador, hiding its age well. The metallic-green paint job makes it a true head-turner. Other modern parts that the Ambassador carries are clear lens indicators and multi-spoke alloy wheels. This one has also been updated thoroughly from the inside.

Class act

This Ambassador has been modified for daily use and it gets a few useful features that can come quite handy in traffic. The car gets power steering, always-on rear camera, power windows and a Bluetooth infotainment system. It also gets an updated interior with diamond-stitched brick leather. Other changes include a new exterior paint job and multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Matte black

It is quite rare to see an Ambassador in a matte shade. Here is one painted in a beautiful matte black colour done by Kit Up! This Ambassador gets a lovely Frozen Midnight Black matter paint scheme and an all-black treatment for the steel wheels. It also gets a fair use of chrome that can be seen on the hubcaps, headlamp, grille and the steel bumper of the vehicle. The car gets all-new leather upholstery on the inside making it quite plush.


The Hindustan Ambassador is known for a lot of things in India but performance is not one of them. This modification done by Karanraj Shah of KS Motorsports will change the way you see Ambassadors. The 300-BHP Amby painted in blood red is something that Hindustan Motors could never have thought about. The Ambassador Grand is based on the 1994 Nissan Sylvia S13. The chassis of the Sylvia was tweaked to fit the Amby’s shell. The new model is powered by the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that has been heavily retuned with added support, such as a bigger Garrett turbo, an intercooler and Nismo exhaust system. KS Motorsports has also installed new suspensions, drivetrain and axles.

Grey Hound

This is one of the most radically modified Contessas in India. The car has been modified by a garage called Modster and it looks fabulous. Named the ‘Grey Hound’, this Contessa gets a matte grey shade. It has fabricated wheel arches, in metal, a new front grille, new LED head lamps and tail lamp, ducktail tail spoiler and custom leather upholstery on the inside. This one certainly looks menacing.

Big Daddy customs

As the Contessa is compared a lot with the Chevrolet Camaro, Big Daddy Customs gave a makeover to this 1993 Contessa to make it look like the American muscle car. It gets a new Camaro-inspired grille, a new bonnet with deep creases, Camaro-inspired tail lamps. Chrome plating on parts, such as the wheel hubs and the grille, give it a very classy look.

Contessa charger

This modification is inspired by the Dodge Charger that Vin Diesel drives in the movie Fast and Furious. The Contessa has been modified with new parts and new wheels while the body gets a matte green paint job. It also gets a pop-out air intake on the bonnet that further makes it look like the Charger.

American muscle

Contessa was not a muscle car but it sure did get a lot of compliments for the way it looks, which certainly reminded people of American muscle cars. This modified car gets an aggressive hood, aftermarket alloy wheels and increased ground clearance to mimic American muscle car looks.


Here is a Contessa that looks extremely good with simple yet powerful modifications. It retains most of the original parts but things like the regular grille have been replaced with a new wire mesh unit, new head lamps, a new paint job and twin-racing stripes running along the vehicle. The car also gets a new set of alloy wheels and a modified body that removes two doors and gives it a true American muscle look.