10 GORGEOUSLY modified Royal Enfields from Bulleteer Customs

There are many custom houses across the country that work exclusively on the Royal Enfield motorcycles. One such custom house is Bulleteer Customs from Bangalore and here are their most gorgeous creations till date.



Americana is a custom job dedicated to the superhero – Captain America. The custom job is done with impeccable attention to detail. The custom job gets modern equipment such as LED headlight and tail lamp unit, and an analogue-digital hybrid speedometer that blends into the retro-styling.


The customisation is based on the 350cc Bullet. It retains the stock front forks but the rear shock absorber has been replaced with a red-painted horizontal mono-shock. There is only a single-seat option and the rear fender has been chopped off to expose the wide profile tyre. All the metal parts including the exhaust get a black paint job. The Captain America’s shield is painted on side panels on both of the sides of the motorcycle to complete the job.



The “Brat” is not a very well-known motorcycle style. The custom styling was popularised in Japan by a shop named “Brat Style” who used to strip the Cafe Racer motorcycles to bare essential components. This customisation job follows the same lines. The donor motorcycle is a 2003 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350.


The motorcycle gets blacked out paint job with gunmetal finish on the engine casing. The handlebars have been upgraded to the straight ones giving it a Cafe Racer stance. The motorcycle also gets LED headlamp, power exhaust and digital console, while the saddle is a hand stitched beige seat. The bar-end rear view mirrors look quite elegant.



The Icarus is a custom Bobber that started life as a Thunderbird 350. The chop job makes the motorcycle look very simple and stylish. The Icarus gets 140mm tyre at front and rear with unique spoke wheels. The tank gets a red paint job while there is only a single seat. The front suspension has been upgraded to an upside down shocker while the rear suspension remains the same.


Bulleteer Customs has also added subtle power mods to the engine to give it extra juice to overcome the drag from the wider tyres. The exhaust gets a black muffler. This vintage style Bobber will not fail to turn heads on the road.

Sportster 927

Sporster 927_2

This European-style Bobber is a job done with great attention to detail. The Sportster 927 gets serious upgrades with custom chassis that increases the wheelbase to 1600 mm. The motorcycle also gets a really fat profile 190 mm rear tyre. The front forks have been upgraded to upside down suspension and the rake has been increased to 27 degrees. The rear gets an adjustable mono shock.

Sporster 927_1

The motorcycle also gets LED headlamps, digital console, front and rear disc brakes, and LED integrated customised single seat. The floating type exhaust accentuates the look even further. The motorcycle also gets a 540 cc modified engine, and a quick throttle.

Shotgun 500

Shotgun 500_2

The Shotgun 500 is dedicated to the original motorcycle design built for wars. The motorcycle gets custom paint job with a Military green colour. The headlamp unit has been modified with a projector housed in the main headlamp. The handle has been upgraded to straight one. This is a minimalistic job with the black paint job on all the metal parts, and fatter profile tyres. The front and rear fenders have been chopped off to give it a brutish look.

Shotgun 500_1

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Source: Bulleteers Customs

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