10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

Wrapping is the easiest way to customise any car according to one’s taste. It is legal, does not void warranty and also it is not permanent. There are outstanding wraps that can change the look of the vehicle instantly. Here are ten gorgeous wraps to give you an idea on how it should be done tastefully.

Honda City

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

The new generation Honda City looks way different from the previous generations and yet retains its classy design. The City is available with many regular colours but nothing like the one seen here. The unique colour is known as matte aluminium blue.

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

The beautiful wrap is matte finish, and yet it has a gloss finish. The deep blue colour of the City goes very nicely with the blackened out thick front grille. Even the alloys are aftermarket 5-spoke ones that further make the car look very different from the stock Honda City.

Mahindra Scorpio

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

The good old, butch Mahindra Scorpio often gets lost in the sea of cars. Even though many people tastefully modify their Scorpio, the dull official colours tone it down. Here is one macho looking Mahindra Scorpio with a unique wrap.

The white coloured Scorpio gets camouflaged wrap on the side of its body. The regular bumper has been replaced with an off-road spec bumper, and that too gets a similar wrap. There are roof-mounted LED auxiliary lamps too. The Maxxis Bighorn mud terrain tyres accentuate the whole look of the vehicle.

Renault Duster

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

The Duster wrote the success story of Renault in India. It was the brand’s first successful car in India, and the compact SUV has become a common sight on the road. This is a perfect example of customising the Duster according to the owner’s unique taste.

The Duster gets a beautiful matte orange wrap on the body with black roof. The mirrors are also wrapped in body coloured vinyl. The grille has no trace of chrome now, and it has been blackened out along with the Renault logo. The SUV also gets roof-mounted auxiliary lamps and aftermarket DRLs.

Ford EcoSport

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

Dual tone body colour is the latest trend in the market right now. Many manufacturers provide official dual-tone colours, and it does look premium. The EcoSport also comes with dual tone body colour, but it comes with one special edition variant.

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

Seen here is a brilliantly done EcoSport by IDE Automotive. The car gets a sky blue wrap on the body along with the roof, A-Pillar, B-Pillar and the partial C-Pillar. The EcoSport looks exceptional in this custom vinyl.

Volkswagen Polo

10 gorgeously WRAPPED cars from around India

Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the world. In India too, there is a decent number of Polos on the road. This example of Volkswagen Polo done by Wrap Attack in Goa looks sharp. The extra lights mounted on the bonnet of the vehicle may not look too classy, but the wrap certainly looks exceptional.

The Polo gets wide body kit with flared up wheel arches. The multi-tone body wrap with black as the base colour looks very good on the vehicle. The ORVMs also get a similar tri-coloured wrap. The Polo also gets aftermarket DRLs and two sets of lamps on the bonnet.

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