10 GREAT reasons why you should pick up an Ignis instead of the Swift

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the Ignis targeted at the millennials of the country. After a long wait, Ignis finally entered the Indian market space with the price starting from Rs. 4.59 lakh. The Ignis comes loaded with new age tech and features. Now if you’re out in the market looking for a new car, and are confused between Ignis and the market favourite, Swift, here are ten reasons that will tell you why you should go for Ignis rather than the Swift.

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Butch Looks

Suzuki-Ignis-2017-1280-02The Ignis has been designed from grounds up. It looks much funkier than the Swift. The car also looks much fresher and different to eyes. The different looks of Ignis make it stand out from the sea of vehicles.

The hatchback also gets new age features like 15-inch black alloy wheels, LED projector headlamps on the top-end variant that accentuate the look of the car even more. Ignis will also be uncommon on the road at first, gaining more attraction than the Swift.

Will go to extreme places


The Swift comes with 170 mm of ground clearance. On the contrary, Ignis gets 180 mm of ground clearance. The 10 mm of ground clearance may not sound like a lot, but it matters when the roads start to disintegrate in India. The additional 10 mm also allows Ignis to reach more extreme places and tackle rougher terrain without bruising itself.

Peppier to drive


The Ignis has been powered by the similar engines that go under the hood of the Swift. Both Swift and Ignis are powered by 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines. The petrol engine in the Ignis develops a maximum of 81.8 BHP, which is slightly less than the 83 BHP produced in the Swift.

The diesel engine develops 73.8 BHP in both Ignis and the Swift. Now the kerb weight of Swift petrol is 965 kg while the Swift diesel weighs 1060 kg. The Ignis, on the other hand, weighs 845 kg with the petrol engine and 940 kg with the diesel engine, making it 120 kg lighter than the Swift. The light weight of Ignis makes Ignis much peppier and fun to drive around.

More fuel efficient


The Ignis being lighter also returns more fuel efficiency than the Swift. As per ARAI, the Swift returns a maximum of 20.4 km/l for petrol and 25.2 km/l for the diesel. The Ignis returns a maximum of 20.89 km/l for petrol and 26.8 km/l for diesel, making it slightly more fuel efficient than the Swift. Ignis is more fun to drive and also returns better fuel economy. Now beat that, Swift.

Click here to test-drive the Suzuki Ignis!

Ease of driving

IGNIS Dashboard SHOT

The Ignis is the first model from Maruti to get AMT with both diesel and petrol engines. On the contrary, the Swift does not offer an automatic option with any of the engine options. Ignis AMT with the petrol and diesel engines do not fiddle with the fuel efficiency while providing a much more convenient driving option.

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