10 hatchbacks & sedans that are Ladakh-ready: Hyundai i20 Active to Maruti Ciaz

The upper Himalayan region known as Leh-Ladakh has become a hot destination for many tourists in India. The treacherous region has become a hot spot and more travellers than ever are driving or riding to explore the area every year. Even though any vehicle including a humble Tata Nano with an experienced driver can reach the region without any problem whatsoever, there are a few hatchbacks and sedans that can make the job easy for you. We bring you 10 such hatchbacks and sedans that make your Ladakh dream come true, comfortably.

Volkswagen Cross Polo

The Volkswagen Cross Polo is based on the Polo hatchback which gets a robust build quality. The Cross Polo is even more rugged with extra fortification done to it. The car gets a new bumper, which is more rugged. There is plastic cladding all around the vehicle further adding to the ruggedness.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The Cross Polo has a high ground clearance of 165mm, which is more than enough on the bad terrains. It is available with both petrol and diesel engine options and both of them have ample power to get on the steep inclines.

Hyundai Active i20

Hyundai Elite i20 also has a rugged version in the form of i20 Active. The car gets higher ground clearance than the Elite i20. With a ground clearance of 190mm, the Active i20 can clear most obstacles without any problem.

Why is it Ladakh ready? While cars with lower ground clearance can also do Ladakh, the higher ground clearance makes sure that you do not scrape the underbody on every turn. Getting the underbody scrapped can also damage a few parts that can leave you secluded. The Active i20 makes sure that you do not face that situation.

Toyota Etios Cross

The Toyotas are known for their bullet-proof engines. Their entry-level offering in India – the Etios also gets a crossover version. The difference between the two is not limited to the visual additions. It gets a higher ground clearance of 174mm and with the body cladding, one can make sure that the rough roads do not mess up your vehicle.

Why is it Ladakh ready? It comes with a set of trusted engines that will not fail easily. The engines alongside the rugged body of the vehicle make it one of the most Ladakh-ready hatchbacks in India.

Ford Freestyle

The vehicle is yet to be launched in India but Ford has already showcased it and it will be here before the Ladakh roads are closed this year again. The car is the rugged version of the Figo hatchback and gets a high ground clearance of 185mm as against the 170mm of the Ford Figo.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The 1.5-litre diesel engine used in the Figo Freestyle is very powerful and will be apt for the steep inclines of the area. Also, the higher ground clearance will come in handy.

Fiat Urban Cross

The Urban Cross is based on the Fiat Avventura, which in turn is based on the Fiat Punto. Even the Punto hatchback is quite rugged in its stock form, the Urban Cross gets plastic cladding on the wheel arches, a different bumper to give it SUV-ish looks.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The car comes with a towering ground clearance of 205mm, which is highest in the segment. That coupled with the T-Jet 1.4-litre engine that generates 140 Bhp makes the vehicle a perfect choice for treacherous Ladakh roads.

Fiat Linea

The Fiat Linea is a robustly made sedan that comes with a high ground clearance of 185mm. It gets the highest ground clearance in the segment. The high build quality of the vehicle makes sure that it does not make squeaks or rattles on the bad roads.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The Linea comes with a large boot space of 500-litres, which can hold a good amount of luggage. The high ground clearance of the sedan makes it an easy glider on the unpaved roads of Ladakh too.

Ford Figo Aspire

The Figo-based Aspire sedan is a more practical version of the car. The car gets all the good characteristics with additional boot space that makes it even a good choice for the Ladakh route. The Figo Aspire also has good driving dynamics that allows car lovers to take on the curvy roads more enthusiastically.

Why is it Ladakh ready? It gets 174mm of ground clearance, which is quite good for the rough roads. The powerful diesel engine also helps the cause.

Maruti Ciaz

The Ciaz is one of the best sellers in its segment. The car is quite practical and comes with acres of space inside. It also gets a high ground clearance 170mm. It also gets a spacious boot of 510 litres that can hold everything that you will ever need on a trip to Ladakh.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The Ciaz diesel returns uncomparable fuel efficiency due to the mild-hybrid system. It gets a high ground clearance and has an exceptional range on a full fuel tank. With the scarcity of fuel in that region, the Ciaz will prove to be the perfect car in the situation.

Tata Zest

The Tata Zest is another robust sedan with high ground clearance. The car gets a ground clearance of 170mm and because of its short wheelbase, the chances of getting the underbody scrapped is very low.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The robust build quality of the vehicle, spacious boot space and high ground clearance makes it an eligible comfortable car for the Ladakh.

Volkswagen Ameo

Before you say anything, we are not considering the Ameo DSG variant because of its fragility. The Ameo otherwise is a quite robust vehicle in its segment. The car is also very powerful that makes it a perfect Ladakh sedan.

Why is it Ladakh ready? The Ameo’s short wheelbase makes sure that it turns quickly and is fun to drive while the solid build quality ensures that the vehicle does not rattle even during the worst patches on the roads.