10 HILARIOUS signboard errors from across India

Road signs are used to quickly present information without requiring a road user to take his eyes off the road for more than a fraction of a second. However, what if some of these road signs are confusing and leave drivers scratching their heads? Here are 10 misspelt road signs from across the country.

Porn alert!

Here is a road sign from New Delhi, which reads ‘ Accident Porn Area Go Slow’. Actually, it should have been spelt ‘Accident Prone Area’ but it looks like the person who made this signboard had something else on his mind. We couldn’t stop laughing after coming across this one.

All roads lead to. . .

Kerala is infamous for its misspelt and confusing road signs. The image you see above is of one such road sign. As per this road sign, you can pick any of the three roads to reach the same place. Totally confusing!

Check Point

Here’s an image of a chick point. . errr. . no, a checkpoint on the road. This goes on to show how a single letter can totally change the entire meaning of a word. We fail to understand how such things go unnoticed by the authorities.

Drive underground

More than anything else, it’s the location at which this signboard is kept that makes it too funny.  The direction arrow points downwards to what looks like a sewage hole. We are pretty sure that driving through the sewage pipe isn’t the shortest way to reach Golconda/Mehdipatnam.

Caution! Heavy erection!

Here is another totally misspelt signboard that’s not only confusing but also pretty funny. From porn areas to heavy erections, we wonder what’s so wrong with the people who make these signboards.

As you wish

In this case, ‘Be Wise Obey Traffic Rules’ has become ‘Be Wish Obey Traffic Rules’. This is yet another example of how a single letter can change the meaning of the entire word.

Park on footpath only!

This signboard urges you to park your vehicle on the footpath only! Totally confusing, right? Actually, the authorities want you to not park on the footpath but the signboard says otherwise.


It’s pretty common to see a signboard that informs you of a place that’s a few kilometres ahead. This signboard, however, wants to tell you of an important place that you might have passed already! Actually, it looks like someone has used the word ‘before’ instead of ‘ahead’, thereby making everything too confusing.

That’s cute!

Like we’ve been saying, just a letter can change the entire meaning of a word. So, here, ‘cuts’ becomes ‘cute’, which makes the entire sentence pretty confusing.

Curves are beautiful

Driving on curvaceous mountain roads is dangerous and one needs to drive slow to avoid any sort of mishap. And this is exactly what this signboard by BRO wants to say. It’s just that they managed to spell the word ‘curvaceous’ wrongly and have written ‘curveceous’ instead.

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