10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

Snapshot – The Mitsubishi Lancer sedan is an icon of sorts in India, even though a watered down version of the car was launched here back in the 90s. The car’s looks, especially that of the SFX variant, was a big draw among buyers. Adding to the lure of the Lancer was the fact that this car was a rally legend, with a pedigree that included the Evolution line of high performance machines. A modders favourite in its time, the Lancer car that still turns heads on Indian roads. In the 1st edition of our two part list, here are five hot Mitsubishi Lancer modifications from India.

Big Daddy’s Mitsubishi Lancer Mod

10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

Sport goes muscle. Big Daddy Customs has modified a Mitsubishi Lancer to make it look like a muscle car. The sedan gets a matt grey paint finish, a custom muscle grille, projector headlamps, 15 inch matte gold alloy wheels, wider tyres, side skirts, restyled wing mirrors, new tail lamps, new boot lid and wing spoiler. A free flow exhaust system makes the car loud and clear, but changes under the hood aren’t apparent. Considering the amount of hop up parts available for the Lancer, the intrepid modifier has a sea of performance parts to pick and choose from.

[Image: BigDaddyCustoms]

RedEye’s Red Mistubishi Lancer Custom

10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

Team-BHP member RedEye has given a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer SFXi a zany red paint job, new alloy wheels, a body kit, headers, a large spoiler on the boot, and then of course modified suspension, revised interiors and a high end audio install. The interior detailing job includes custom G-Sport seats, Ralliart aluminium pedals and a push button start. The suspension gets stiffening to make for better handling on the road while the 15 inch Lenso alloy wheels are shod with 205/50 section, 15 inch Yokohama S-Drive tyres.

Autopsyche’s Project Lancer

10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

Custom car builder Autopsyche’s Project Lancer keeps things classy, by doing a sharp visual job with the car, while keeping performance modifications mild. A white paint job with a blacked out roof and GT stripes, and a body kit are the major cosmetic changes on the car. Headlamps with projectors, LED tail lamps and a revised rear bumper are the other visual changes. The car rides on tasty looking. 17 inch black alloy wheels that host 215/40 section tyres. On the inside, a beige leather trim and a high end audio install are the changes. In terms of performance, a free flow exhaust and a K&N typhoon air intake make the car sound sufficiently sporty.

Mitsubishi Lancer Sleeper with MIVEC V6 Petrol Power

10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

The stock Mitsubishi Lancer sedan’s petrol engine displaces 1.5 liters, in a four cylinder layout, and this motor makes under 100 Bhp of peak power. To transform the car’s character completely, a performance enthusiast from down south, Sriram, has given it an engine transplant from the Mitsubishi GTO. The engine is a 2 liter, MIVEC V6 petrol unit that makes over 200 Bhp in stock form. The motor uses a piggyback ECU from Mine’s while a K&N air filter and free flow exhaust make for other performance modifications. An Exedy clutch handles the extra power and torque on tap, while suspension gets Pedder springs and Koni dampers. In terms of cosmetics, this Lancer is a sleeper, with  SFX skirting, fifteen inch Lenso alloys and a bonnet mounted air scoop being the changes.

[Images: QuarterMile]

Autopsyche’s Red Streak Lancer Custom

10 Hot Mitsubishi Lancer Modifications from India – Part I

Autopsyche’s “Red Streak” Mitsubishi Lancer is a tidy job that looks striking enough to turn heads while being understated enough to not slip into the overdone zone. A Rally Red paint job, a custom body kit that takes inspiration from the the EVO 4, twin projector headlamps, 15 inch alloy wheels, fog lamps integrated with the bumper, and clear lens tail lamps make for the exterior modifications. On the inside, beige leather interiors with a beige black dashboard are the other revised elements.

[Images: Autopsyche]