10 HOT, modified Maruti Vitara Brezza SUVs from India


The Maruti Vitara Brezza has been the top-selling vehicle in the segment since its launch. Even though the Brezza is available with a single engine-transmission configuration only, the popularity of the vehicle is huge. There are a whole lot of Vitara Brezza compact SUVs on Indian roads. We bring you the ones that have been customised to look different.


The Jeep brand has gained massive popularity in India since the introduction of the Compass. The Brezza sure has some SUV DNA in it and this owner exploited it completely. The owner has replaced the single-chrome bar of the Brezza with the JEEP-inspired 7 slat grille. It sure looks masculine over the regular Brezza but looks like a wannabe too.

Brezza Motor Sports

Maruti officially participates in many rallies and they have prepared a Vitara Brezza for the task. This one was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo and it looks very sporty. The Brezza Motor Sports gets a new exterior paint scheme with additional equipment like extra halogens for better illumination, blacked out front grille and blacked out air-intakes. It also gets different alloy wheels with fatter rubber. The car also gets an all-black interior. The engine details were not mentioned but it surely looks re-mapped for higher performance.


This one looks classy in the black and white form. The sub 4-meter SUV in the common white colour gets a new bumper that looks sportier than the stock car. The boring looking grille of the Brezza has been updated with a multiple-slat all-black grille. The owner has also put the colours of peace on the grille in a very subtle way. The fog lamps have been updated to projectors too. Overall, the car looks simple yet classy.

DC Brezza

DC is known for customising vehicles in India and they have put their hands on the Brezza too. This car has been thoroughly updated. It gets a new grille and a new bumper. There is also a body kit that includes side skirts making the Brezza look lower than the regular model. On the side, the car also gets Land Rover-inspired air vents just above the front wheel arches. The interiors have been updated too with the use of a lot of wood and yellow colour on the dashboard. The seats have been cushioned too. No changes have been done to the engine though.

Piping Hot

This example is from Kerala, a place known as Mod’s own country due to the high number of modifications that emerge from the state. The red coloured Vitara Brezza gets a lot of additional equipment. The front grille has been changed to a new, black colour grille. The foglamps now have circular DRLs. The Brezza also gets a roof mounted carrier which has additional lamps. At the rear, the car gets a visible tow hook and aftermarket alloy wheels.

Dealer option

Bangalore-based Kalyani Motors has come up with a dealer-level modified Brezza. The white Brezza looks striking with the dual paint scheme where the roof has been painted black. The headlamps and the tail lamps have been smoked out. The hood of the vehicle also gets a big lettering ‘Brezza’ written on it that announces the presence of the vehicle. The front grille is a new one and is finished with a black paint job. The modified radiator grille gives an intimidating look. On the inside, the car gets leather seats and custom trim panels on the dashboard and the doors.

Class apart

Here’s another example of how to make a white Brezza look quite different from the rest. The front grille has been replaced with a matte black-finished grille. The tail-lamps have been smoked and look sporty. The alloys have been upgraded to 5-spoke, white coloured ones that uplift the whole look of the vehicle. The best part of the modification is the de-chroming that has been done. All the chrome parts except the rear moniker have been removed from the vehicle.

The red hood

Here is another red-hot example of the Brezza modified. The car is based on the top of the line ZDi+ variant that gets LED guide lights with projector lamps. The chrome parts have been removed completely from the vehicle to give it a sporty look. The rear gets a new diffuser with dual exhaust pipes, which looks like a gimmick but makes the vehicle look very sporty. Also, the wheels have been replaced with deep dish ones with orange inserts. On the roof, there are extra LEDs for more night visibility.

The rugged one

This is the one of the first modified Vitara Brezzas in India. The car from Kerala looks great with the chrome delete. There is a black grille in place of the stock one with a mesh design. The car also gets Range Rover-esque inscription at the front.

The owner has also added a plastic cladding around the wheel arches that make the arches more pronounced and below them sit the Vossen golden colour multi-spoke wheels. The rear also gets a chrome delete and uses piano black paint on the applique and for the removal of the badges.

Land Rover Brezza

Swapping the grille of the vehicle with that of a higher-end vehicle is the most common modification that has been done to the vehicle. Here is an example of a Land Rover grille on the Brezza and it looks…not bad actually. This is a showroom fresh car with the temporary number and the updated grille just shows how owners want to make the Brezza look more brute than its stock form.

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