10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

With the rise in the competition of cars, manufacturers always use some of the other minor tweak to make a differentiating factor with its competitive set. These are nothing but gimmicks for which they charge you and force you to stretch your budget. This also confuses the buyer, especially the ones who wouldn’t know that its not that important and doesn’t impact the final product you wanted for yourself. Following are the 10 features you can safely ignore and it would make no difference to you.

Keyless push-button start/stop

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

It may be a statement to have a keyless way to start your car. You could be carrying it your pockets or even your bag and will make you feel very classy. Little would you know, that keyless keys can be an easier way to steal your car. It’s important to realize it will have no impact on the driving experience.

Automatic headlamps

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

Why pay a bomb for the kind of job that your eyes can do effortlessly? Obviously there are a lot of drivers on the road that forget to do it, but as co-drivers, we could just tell them to switch on the headlamps. We don’t need to essentially burn a hole in our pockets for a simple eye and arm coordination.


10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

A sunroof’s actual purpose is to recycle the cabin’s air on a highway that is if the weather is really good, which is a rare occurrence in our tropical country. It also allows better aerodynamics compared to roll down your windows, then again will not be used in our extreme traffic struck roads, on top of that with the dust and the pollution, it just leaves us with absolutely no good reason for it, except if you want to be like most other Indian people, who are happy to put their co-passenger through possible injuries if they have to brake suddenly.

Beige Interior

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

Almost never do the salesperson tell you about the additional labour or cost that you will have to bear if you want to keep the interiors beige at all times. In a dusty and heavily polluted country like India, this beige coloured interior would soon turn into a colour that you wouldn’t want to spend on. Hence, it’s always better to have dark coloured interiors.

Capacitive controls

We always want to have absolutely updated technology around us, but when this technology could hamper your concentration on the road while driving, it wouldn’t feel worth it. The touch controls do give your car a better look but physical buttons can be felt and you wouldn’t have to worry about taking your eyes off the road.

Proximity Sensors

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

This is actually a good feature for your car, it definitely prevents the car from hitting something and damaging. However, if you’re buying a car in India, this would just mean that you keep on listening to the sound of the alarm going off every minute.

Ambient Lighting

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

It’s always nice to have mood lighting coming out of nowhere in your car cabin. If you have the extra money, spend it on this feature. However, customers on a tight budget shouldn’t be spending on this feature because you will get bored within a few months anyway. 

Faux roof rails

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

The purpose of roof rails is to carry the luggage that doesn’t fit into your boot space, however, very creatively manufacturers have transformed it to just be something visually appealing making your car look bulky and charging you heavily too. These faux roof rails serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, so you can easily skip this feature when you buy your next SUV.

Voice Commands

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

This is actually an extremely useful feature, however, most of the cars come with voice commands that could only sense what you’re saying in a particular accent. It can be a sheer waste of money if you pay for this feature and it doesn’t understand your command. It’s highly likely that you forget about its existence after a while in this case. So all we’re saying is, if you’re going for this feature, do make sure it understands the Indian accent properly.

Automatic Wipers

10 hyped-up car features you can totally IGNORE

It is almost an involuntary action to turn on the wipers when you need them, just like headlamps. It doesn’t make any sense to shell out any extra money that is not going to make any difference to the looks or the performance of the car.

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