10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

The Indian automotive market is finally coming of age. Customers are opening up to new segments. A couple of decades ago, the scenario was a little different. Most of the “different” cars used to be ignored by the mass market. Now that the market has opened up, here are ten iconic cars that we think should come back to the present market.

Hindustan Contessa

10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

In an era when the automotive enthusiasts around the world pinned muscle car posters on their wall, Hindustan launched the Contessa in India. Even though the Contessa (Vauxhall Victor) was not a muscle car, it sure did have the looks of one.

Even today, many enthusiasts keep the Contessas in top-notch condition and few of them have modified the sedan to grow muscles. Even though Indian market now has the iconic Mustang, the enthusiasts on a budget still can’t think of parking one of these in the garage. The Contessa should come back with more flair and also, a more powerful turbo petrol engine.

Hindustan Ambassador

10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

The Ambassador was the longest production car in India with a run of over six decades. The Ambassador can be called as India’s first mass production car and truly is an icon. The good ‘old Amby is the lifeline of the city of its birthplace, West Bengal.

The Ambassador’s unique looks are its identity, while the ample rear space provides excellent comfort to the occupants. There are many well-restored, retro-modified Ambassadors across India. If the car comes back with a lighter body and more powerful engine, it will create a real buzz in the market.

Maruti Zen Carbon and Steel

10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

A three-door affordable car is need of the hour in India. Many manufacturers are launching cars for the young generation, but the market is yet to get a three-door hatchback. Maruti launched the limited edition Zen Carbon and Steel in India, which became an instant hit among the enthusiasts.

Even though there are a lot of powerful hatchbacks in the market now, none could replace the Zen Carbon and Steel in the market. If Maruti can make the car come back in present day, it sure will steal a lot of thunder from the so-called hot hatches in India.

Mahindra Classic Jeep

10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

The short wheelbase capable off-roader used to be known for its tremendous capabilities off the tarmac. The open top Mahindra Classic was also used widely by the Army for its capabilities. Even though we have the Mahindra Thar in the current, the Classic is an icon.

The open top SUV has solid looks, and its lightweight characteristics make it very desirable. The car also came with leaf suspensions that can take harshest of the off-road conditions with much ease. If the vehicle makes a return as a cheaper alternative to the Thar, it will be a big hit.

Skoda Octavia vRS

10 iconic cars you want back in a sexy new form

The Octavia vRS one hooligan, nearly affordable car that was available in India. The petrol-powered performance sedan was quite affordable in its time. Skoda vRS had a lot of tricks up its sleeve like trick suspension, a powerful turbocharged 1.8-litre petrol engine that developed a maximum of 150 BHP.

The vRS was the fastest budget sedan of its time and created a lot of interest among the enthusiasts. Now that those followers have grown up and have accumulated some money, the coming back of the vRS will be a welcome move for us.

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