10 ideas to make the Isuzu V-Cross a real BEAST

10 ideas to make the Isuzu V-Cross a real BEAST

While pick-up trucks haven’t been really successful in India, the Isuzu V-Cross has been responsible for making these vehicles at least a bit more popular in the country. Many new car buyers have bought this lifestyle vehicle and it looks like the V-Cross will continue to stay in the limelight for more time to come. While the Isuzu V-Cross already has a high appeal, here are 10 ways to make it a total BEAST.


Powering the Isuzu V-Cross is a 2.5-litre turbo diesel motor that outputs 134 Bhp and 320 Nm. This makes the pick-up truck quite powerful. However, as they say, more power is never enough. Hence, you can give the V-Cross a performance map to make it even more powerful. One of the popular customizers that offer a performance remap for the V-Cross is Pete’s. It is said that installing this remap enhances the performance by 15-20%. The improvement in power and torque figures makes the V-Cross quicker.

Lift kit

The Isuzu V-Cross is sufficiently capable off the road. However, thanks to a fairly long wheelbase, the V-Cross is often unable to tackle some steep slopes. Hence, it’s a good idea to install a lift kit. A typical lift kit improves the ground clearance by 2 to 6 inches. It also gives the pick-up truck a more badass stance and a very high street presence. However, do remember that installing the lift kit will have a negative effect on the high-speed stability.

Larger tyres

Another way to increase the road presence of the V-Cross is to switch to larger tires. A larger set of tires makes the lifestyle vehicle look more intimidating. They also offer additional grip while off-roading. Negative effects include a drop in performance and fuel efficiency along with a slightly higher wear and tear.


While many of you would want to install a lift kit to increase this pick-up’s height, there are some who would like to get the V-Cross lowered to increase its high-speed stability. Also, lowering the V-Cross makes it look sportier.

Off-road bumper

One of the easiest ways to increase the street presence of the V-Cross is to give it an off-road bumper. Also, installing it will improve the approach angle. Moreover, a metal construction increases the ruggedness of the front-end. You can also install a winch and auxiliary lights on the metal bumper. However, those of you who plan to install this bumper should make sure that the airbag sensors are carried over from the stock unit. Not doing so will render the airbags totally useless.


Another really easy way to increase the street presence of the V-Cross is to give it a re-paint or a wrap. We think that getting a wrap is a better idea than going for a custom paint job. Wraps can give you the desired look without getting rid of the original paint. Also, a wrap can be removed to switch back to the original paint at any point in time. You just need to make sure that the wrapping is done properly to have a good finish.

Body kits

Another way to give the V-Cross a sporty look is by installing a body kit. There are many body kits that are available for this pick-up. You can go for a sporty design in case you plan to lower the V-Cross. You can even opt for a widebody kit in case you want to give this lifestyle vehicle a more planted stance.

Covers for the bed

We are pretty sure not many owners of the V-Cross use the big cargo area to haul large goods. However, the loading bay can always be used to carry smaller items by installing a cover on it. There are many cool covers that are available for the V-Cross. A proper hard-top cover can be used to give this pick-up a slightly more sophisticated look.


Installing a snorkel makes the V-Cross look more off-road-ready. It also improves the fording depth of the vehicle. Hence, it makes sense to install a snorkel before you try to cross a small stream in your V-Cross.


Another way to enhance the looks of the V-Cross is to install extra lights. Extra lights are helpful while off-roading in the dark. They also come in handy when driving on a really dark stretch of the road. However, one should use these only in emergency situations when visibility is really poor. We say this as the extra lights can blind other road users. You can also be fined for using these on public roads.

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