10 ideas to make the Isuzu V-Cross a real BEAST

Pick-up trucks are something that aren’t really popular in the Indian market. However, since the V-Cross has arrived, this trend has begun to change. A lot of people are going and buying the V-Cross now, as a lifestyle vehicle. Yes, it may not be the most practical vehicle for most part of it, but it does have the right amount of charm to tug on your heart strings. Here are 10 ways to make the already badass V-Cross a beast:


isuzu remap

The V-Cross is powered by a 2.5 liter engine making 134 Bhp and 320 Nm. While that is sufficient on its own, you can always do with more power now, can’t you? There are multiple remaps that are on offer for the V-Cross, Pete’s being the most popular among them.

Exact figures for the same haven’t been revealed, however it is expected to be a 15-20% rise in power and torque figures, making this quicker. According to Pete’s, there are close to 90 V-Cross’ that have already been remapped, so it is something that is commonly being done.

Lift kit

isuzu lift

The V-Cross comes with the 4wd option, which allows you to tackle the rough roads well. Since this has a long wheelbase, it may not be able to go through a few steep slopes, getting beached at the center. To improve that, you can get yourself a lift kit which will increase the ground clearance by either 2 or 6 inches, based on what you want.

This can also be helpful if you want to create an intimidating vehicle in traffic. Being so high and massive, it is surely going to scare the pesky auto guys and tempo people away. Do remember however that this will effect stabilitiy at higher speeds.

Larger tyres

isuzu wheels

Putting larger tyres on a SUV do make it look more intimidating, without doubt. The plus side of that is the additional grip while off-roading. The minus is the reduction in performance. Remember that going for massive wheels will put extra load on the drivetrain and could cause it to wear prematurely.


isuzu slammed

This is something that only those people will do who want a perfect stance. Yes, buying a large pick-up and slamming it is not something that will make it look intimidating, however if you do want a sporty looking pick-up, you could give this a shot.

Off-road bumper

isuzu bumper 2

The off-road bumper is something that improves the off-road capability of the vehicle. It helps to improve the approach angle and being made up of metal, takes impact (incase of any) well. It also protects the body of the vehicle and has the possibility to have a winch, auxiliary lights and other accessories. This also gives the vehicle a tough look up front. If you do plan on getting one, make sure that it has sensors for you airbags, else they will not deploy in case of a crash.

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