10 Illegal car mods that can get your car seized

Enthusiasts and many people who are passionate about their cars want to build a ride that is unique to them and one that stands out. Thus they often resort to modifying their cars for this reason. But did you know that some mods could get your car seized? We tell you.

Limo making


In December last year, the RTO of Navi Mumbai seized not one but 2 heavily modified Scorpio limos. As can be seen in the picture, the cops are measuring the length of the vehicle. Why are they doing so? Well the reason behind that is simple.

When the vehicle gets registered, certain technical specification of the car is given to the RTO. In this case, the length of the vehicle has been mentioned to the RTO and it certainly isn’t what the vehicle was registered with. Since there is a structural change in the car, it is now deemed not road worthy and hence can be seized by the cops.

So if you are planning to make a limo from your existing car, make sure to get it endorsed by the RTO. The process has been mentioned down below.

Chop Shop


Like the case of making the car longer, the same applies to making it shorter. Why? The reason is that vehicle manufacturers spend a lot of time and money in making sure that the structure is rigid and safe for both the occupants and the people outside. Changing the structure, even cutting it short can change the structural rigidity of the vehicle and can make it unfit in case of a crash. Thus this is also illegal.

Custom built

Maruti Suzuki Esteem based Bugatti Veyron Indi

There are quite a few people who build custom cars. These are illegal as well unless approved by the RTO. The RTO has not only been seizing custom cars, but has also been on the look out to seize custom bikes (Link). The reason behind this is simple. Since the structure has been changed, there is no conformance to the laws that have been passed. Since the car isn’t approved to be running on the roads, it can be seized by the RTO. Read bellow as to how to get it approved by the RTO.



The roof is an important part of the vehicle. It is one of the main structural components that holds everything in place. If you have ever gone through the technical specifications of a coupe and its convertible variant, you would notice that the convertible weighs more. The main reason behind that is to add structural rigidity. Since the roof is missing, the body needs to have improved rigidity so that it doesn’t flex under high load conditions. Thus, if you just happen to cut the roof off your normal car without working on the structure, you are looking at a big problem. This is also one of the reasons why an aftermarket sun roof is not a good idea since it weakens the strength of the body.


If you have seen the Fast and Furious 6, you will know what i’m talking about. The exo-skeleton is a roll cage that is placed on the outside of the vehicle. This is mostly done on off-road vehicles that have been massively lifted. Since the car has been lifted, the centre of gravity also changes which makes it prone to roll over. This exo-skeleton is to protect the car and its occupants in case of a roll over. Sadly, this too is illegal to be driven on normal roads and could cause the RTO to seize it, unless approval is got.

*Some modifications can be made legal, but the process is a long, expensive and cumbersome one. First, you will have to send the modification plans to the manufacturer, who will study the design change and then approve/disapprove it. If that it is approved, you can go ahead with the modifications. Once modified, you will have to get the vehicle tested by the testing agencies (ARAI/ICAT/etc) at your own cost. Once the vehicle has been approved, you can go the the RTO to get that legally endorsed on your RC. The problem with this is that it is a very expensive and time consuming process. So for an individual doing it, it is not recommended.

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