10 Indian automotive jugaads: A compilation

The term jugaad was coined by Indian and in the present world, it has become a global term. Indians are a master of jugaad and we get to see the ingenuine solutions in our daily lives. We bring you a compilation of ten automotive jugaads from India.

Human tow cable

What to do if your car stops on a road and there is another car to tow you but you do not have the towing rope? Well, these chaps have the answer. Seen here are two people, one sitting on the bonnet and one in the trunk of the other car forming a human towing rope. It is quite dangerous though and other, non -living things are recommended to be used as towing ropes than the humans, no matter how urgent the situation becomes.

Tata Nano Truck

10 Indian automotive jugaads: A compilation

Tata Nano is the cheapest production car that money can buy. However, the dismissing sales figure of the vehicle is a clear indication that the public wants a lot more from the car. This is a Tata Nano turned into a truck that can now carry a much higher amount of things, thanks to its flatbed. This must be the cheapest rear wheel drive truck that you can get in the market.

Truck blower on cycle

Indian highways are full of musical melodies of truck horns. This chap, possibly from Punjab has put a full set of the truck horn on his bicycle. It plays different melodies just like trucks do and there is a huge battery on the rear to power the whole system too.

The bike harvester

A job that is generally done by livestock like cows or bulls has been replaced by a commuter bike. The bike has been tied on the end of the long wooden plank and it has been put into a gear. The bike goes in circles getting the job done quite quickly and efficiently.

The human sensor

This video recently surfaced when Mumbai was under the wrath of rain. An Audi sedan can be seen taking help from a human who is sitting on the bonnet giving directions to the driver. Many cars were stuck in the heavy rain that day and much more were hydro locked but not this Audi with a human sensor on its bonnet.

The buffalo jump start

The livestock is used on a various different day to day work in India but this one is the unique work that we have seen till date. Seen here is a buffalo helping a tractor to jump start. The buffalo is seen tied to the tractor and later it pulls the tractor to make it jump start.

Water tank parking

10 Indian automotive jugaads: A compilation

Getting a decent parking at with shade is a blessing in disguise, especially during the scorching Indian summers. These folks have found the perfect way to do that. Seen here is a huge water tank that has been carved out to make space for at least two scooters in it.

Scooter construction

A lot of manual labour is needed during construction of buildings. To reduce the effort and increase the efficiency, the workers here can be seen using a scooter to transport the concrete from the level zero to upstairs with help of a scooter. The scooter’s axle has been tied to through pulleys and levers to the concrete basket that quickly goes up to the floors without much effort from the humans.

Omni water pump

Neccesictyis the need for innovation and here is something that proves the same. Indian villages often have an abrupt power supply and diesel generators are quite expensive. This man found an ingenious solution. The person fitted the axle of the Omni car to the water pump. A car water pump is a quite interesting solution to the daily problem of abrupt electricity.

Cruiser cycle

10 Indian automotive jugaads: A compilation

The motorcycle cruisers are a very popular segment. However, people who love to ride cycles do not get the option to buy cruiser cycles. Here is a person who has modified his cycle to look like a cruiser and proudly roams on it. The cycle also get ape hanger handlebars that look really cool.

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