10 MINDBLOWING Indian Jugaads: A compilation

India is a truly vibrant country. Creative minds in India always find one way or other to make sure that the task is done. The term used for such alternate ways of getting things done is “Jugaad”. Here is a compilation of automotive jugaads from all over India.


Punjab, the land of five rivers is one of the biggest agricultural states in India. The Punjabis are known for their love for SUVs. Sometimes, the good old tractor that is equipped to go in slush and do the job, is replaced by an SUV.

Here is such an example of Mitsubishi Montero pulling levelling equipment in the slushy fields of Punjab. The 3.2-litre turbocharged engine of the Montero provides power to all the four wheels that allows the SUV to move about in the slush without much issue. While the Rs. 60 lakh Montero finds only a few buyers elsewhere in the country, the developers of the vehicle will be amazed if they see the video.

TVS Duke


While the KTM Duke is one of most loved bikes by the youngsters, the big price tag keeps many away from it. A Bangalore-based modder has transformed a TVS Scooty Pep+ to a Duke-inspired machine.

The Duke also gets a new custom exhaust that gives it a heavy note. The headlamp is a straight fit from the Duke while modder has made trellis frame that holds the front fork and rear mono shock setup. The small fuel tank can hold up to 2-litres of fuel, and the whole modification cost is around Rs. 60,000. The 87.8cc engine producing 4.7 Bhp-5.8 Nm remains stock.

Royal Food Bike


Food truck culture is catching up fast in India. However, a bike-based food truck is rare and unique. Seen here is a Royal Enfield Classic 500 based food truck named as ‘BBQ Ride’. The motorcycle has been modified to become a kitchen.

The BBQ Ride receives a 5 kg LPG cylinder and two goof grade boxes to carry the ingredients for the menu and dry ice to keep them fresh. A barbeque is attached to the side of the motorcycle, and the food is prepared only by burning coal and wood.

KTM HF Deluxe

The exhaust note is one of the fist things that people notice in a motorcycle. While expensive motorcycles have their own distinctive exhaust notes, all the commuter segment motorcycles almost sound the same.

Here is a person who figured out a way to make his Hero HF Deluxe to sound like a KTM using an empty soft drink can. The empty can is placed in a way that it resonates by the exhaust fumes. The resonating can mimic the sound of the Duke. All this for Rs. 20.

Ambulance Bike

Ambulance bike

The rural roads of India are extremely narrow. After a few ambulances failed to reach interior parts of rural areas, innovators came up with unique bike ambulances. The bike ambulance consists of a sidecar that has been modified for the patient to lie down and travel. This jugaad is truly a life saving one.

Micro Jeep

Mini Jeep

The ever-growing Indian traffic leaves little space on the roads. While motorcyclists have a free run in the traffic, the car owners get stuck. Here is a solution developed by a 60-year old mechanic in Punjab. The micro Jeep built in the backyard from the scrapped parts in two years looks like cartoonish, miniature Willy’s Jeep.

It is said to be the smallest car powered by conventional fuel in India. Singh uses the Jeep regularly on the road, and it can do up to 60 km/h. Powering the Jeep is a scooter engine, and the tyres are also taken from the scooter. It has four seats.

Scooter Dining

Bajaj Super dinner

Bajaj Super once ruled the roads. With time the scooters have vanished. This gentleman has found the perfect way of keeping the spirit of the Bajaj Super alive by converting it into a dinner table. The wheelbase has been extended, and a table has been added for the customers to dine on it.



The bling scooter that you see here resembles something. Yes, the apron of the scooter has been replaced with the headlamp unit of the Yamaha Fazer. While it looks like a perfect fit, we are sure that a lot of time and skills must have gone into making this masterpiece.



Indian rail system is third largest in the world. Maintaining such a huge network is a big task. The railway staff have developed and altered few road going vehicles to run on the railroads. Seen here is a Tata Sumo that is modified to work on the railway track.


Rocking chair

Ratan Tata gave the Tata Nano to the Indian market so that the motorcycle owners can travel safely with family. But Indians have a way to work around anything. This rocking chair carrying technique is an example of this.

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