10 insane Maruti Swifts! India’s popular car gone wild

The Suzuki Swift is a global car and has been around for a long time. Along the way, many have hit the modification route. Here are 10 insane Swifts, some lessons on how not to modify this hatchback.

Parrot Swift


The green colour only look good on two things in this world – one breed of Japanese motorcycles and the Hulk. Swift is neither of them. This green and black Swift seen is painted in dual tone of parrot green and black.

It does not ends here. The Swift gets a rear spoiler on the mid-level of the rear hatch door. We hope that Hulk never sees this car.


Cartisan Swift

Cartisan Swift

We have seen many mod jobs going bad but nothing can beat this one. This body kit from Cartisan will blow your mind away. You will never be able to see the Swift as before. This is one body kit disaster that everyone should stay away from.

Transformer Swift


The front grille of any car gives the basic look to a car. This front grille of this Swift is strange enough to scare people on road. The after-market plastic grille and the body kit on this Swift is something no one in his sane mind would want on his car.

Scissor door Swift


Rarely seen on rare supercars, the scissor doors are something that you can show off but only when the car is standstill. No one will even notice that the car has scissor doors while it is on the road. This Swift owner just wanted to be popular in the neighbourhood and gifted one wacky set of scissor doors to the poor car. These just don’t go well with the hatchback.

Kit Up! Swift


Many people find the official special edition Swifts like the windsong to be wacky. This is just at the another level altogether. The job done by Kit Up shrouds the old Swift in dual done colours.

The front gets a bright blue while it transforms slowly to become yellow. The car also gets a new grille, and modified fog lamp housings. The fake hoods on the car makes it look even more wannabe.

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