10 INSANE things supercar owners have done in India [Video]

Owning a supercar in India can be a tough job. The challenging situation of the roads, traffic and the high import taxes allow only a few selected people to live with a supercar in India. However, there are many enthusiasts who are regularly seen on supercars and expensive sportscars in India and a few of them do insane things with them. Here are ten such videos that show insane supercar things that the Indians do.

Powerslide on public roads

Indian roads are extremely dangerous and can throw many surprises at you without a warning. Even though most supercar owners take out their rides only during early morning or late night when the roads are empty, the situation still stays dangerous. Seen here is a Ferrari 458 doing a powerslide on a corner and on a straight road. It sure needs a crazy heart to do so.

Cross-country trips!

Indian roads, especially the roads which are out of the city limits, are not very well-maintained. Even low-slung cars struggle on such surfaces. A heavily modified Nissan GT-R with a full Akrapovic exhaust system and carbon fibre bonnet did the Delhi-Bengaluru stretch by road. Taking a supercar to such unknown stretches is insane!

To the highest motorable road

India is home to one of the most treacherous roads in the world. Taking a supercar to such places is a distant dream for many, but AutoCar India, with the help of a support crew, took a Lamborghini Huracan to Khardung-La, one of the highest motorable roads in the world. It sure needs a big heart and an insane mind to do such jobs.

Racing a fighter jet!

A recent video that went viral on the Internet showed a Lamborghini Huracan Performante racing against a MiG-29KUB fighter jet in Goa. The video showed how the fighter jet and the supercar were racing on the runway. The stunt was done by the AutoCar India magazine for promotional purposes.

Negotiating speed breakers

Supercars have a very low ground clearance. They are designed this way to reduce the air resistance and make the vehicle go even faster on the road. However, speed breakers can be a problem for such cars. Indian roads are full of illegal speed breakers that are not built according to the government specifications and most of the low cars struggle on them. Here is a video that shows a group of supercars crossing a huge speed breaker on a city road.


Even if donuts are done in a safe place, there is still a chance of things going out of hands. Here is a Lamborghini Huracan doing donuts on a helipad. Supercars are extremely expensive to buy and maintain in India and if it gets involved in an accident, the time taken to repair is just as insane as the owners who do such stuff.

Hitting 200 km/h!

200 km/h inside the city limits is purely insane. Any obstacle or stray cattle or street dog can jump right in front of you and can cause a massive crash. This video from Bengaluru shows a Lamborghini Huracan waiting at a traffic signal and hitting the accelerator as soon as the light turns green. The car is being chased by a superbike that shows 200 km/h speed on the meter.

Drag racing

Racing in any form on the streets can be extremely dangerous. Here is a video that shows a drag race between a BMW M4 and a Ferrari on the public roads. The cars stop in the middle of the road to start the race and drive at an extremely fast speed while doing dangerous manoeuvres on the road. It is simply very dangerous and needs an insane mind to do so.

Powerslide in the middle of the road

As said in the first video of this article, powerslides or any stunt on the Indian public roads can be extremely dangerous. Seen here is a Lamborghini Gallardo with an aftermarket exhaust system doing a powerslide on the middle of the road. The driver controls the ride well and drives it away but it is extremely dangerous and can cause a massive crash if anything goes out of hand.

Scaring people with the exhaust sound

Most of the people go for aftermarket exhaust systems for their performance cars in India. Seen here is a Mercedes-AMG C63 that has a very loud exhaust note. The driver has installed cameras outside the vehicle to capture the scared people and used the exhausts to create a loud noise to scare people.

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