10 interesting, MODIFIED Mahindra XUV500 SUVs of India

10 interesting, modified Mahindra XUV500 SUVs of India

Mahindra XUV500 has remained the undisputed king of the D-segment since its launch. The XUV500 is one of the best selling SUVs in India and is highly popular. We bring you ten interesting, modified XUVs from India.

Mad Men kit


The kit from Motormind makes the XUV transforms XUV into a badass looking vehicle. The customisation kit costs Rs. 1.58 lakh and comes with various parts. The kit consists of a customised front bumper with integrated LED DRLs, honeycomb grille, and a hood scoop.

Other modifications include flared wheel arches, auxiliary roof-mounted lights, matte black alloy wheels, custom rear bumper with diffuser, and a rear spoiler. The car also gets a matte black wrap that makes it look extremely distinctive. All the parts can be bought individually too, and prices start from Rs. 10,000.

Scissor doors


The XUV looks smashing with this scissor door modification. The car also gets lowering springs and is much closer to the ground now. Additionally, the car gets a widebody kit. The highlight of the vehicle is the loud, unorthodox pink shade that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Touring package

Motormind Mahindra XUv500

The XUV is a great mile muncher. Here is an XUV modified by Drift Automotive and Motormind together. The kit includes a new front bumper, new headlamps and a new rear bumper with faux diffuser. The XUV also gets wide body kit with flared wheel arches. There is a roof box too for additional safe storage. The black chrome wrapped looks intense with the aftermarket alloy wheels that run on fatter tyres.

Golden Cheetah

gold 5

Gold chrome wraps are pretty popular in middle eastern countries. Indian – the largest consumers of gold in the world – also love the colour on their vehicles. Here is XUV 500 wrapped gold vinyl. It also gets a black wrap on the hood and the roof giving it a dual tone finish.

Wide stance


Here is an XUV from Kerala that looks smashing with its aftermarket body kit. The kit includes a new front bumper that looks sleek and aggressive. The grille has been updated to a new mesh too. The XUV gets black colour on the roof to give it a dual tone effect.

Black and white


The simple black and white modified XUV looks very different. The mod job done by F42 Customs makes the car look different. The XUV gets a front hood scoop, a new grille and new bumper with faux skid plate. The roof has been painted in black, and it gets roof carrier. The door handles have been painted in black too. The XUV also gets aftermarket alloy wheels with wide profile tyres.

The Cheetah

Mahindra XUV500 Cheetah 1

The XUV 500 design has been inspired by the Cheetah as per Mahindra. To carry it forward, the company offers an official wrap job that has a Cheetah on it. The XUV 500 gets a big face of the Cheetah on the bonnet while the small body dots of the Cheetah can be seen on the body of the XUV 500.


Mahindra XUV500 Wrap 2

The XUV is offered with a host of colours, but none of them is youthful. Here is an XUV that gets an aftermarket wrap reflecting the owner’s choice. The vehicle gets a matte orange wrap on the body. To give it a dual tone effect, the roof and a part of front bumper have been wrapped in black.

Mean Blue


This XUV from Goa shows that custom wrap jobs have become popular in India. The whole body of the XUV gets a gloss finish blue wrap. There are three stripes on the side of the vehicle, and the bonnet also has similar stripes.

Beast Mode


The red coloured XUV seen here gets subtle yet powerful upgrades. The SUV gets aftermarket alloy wheels with wider profile tyres. There are custom LED auxiliary lamps mounted on the front bumper. Also, extra lamps have been placed on the roof on the aftermarket carrier.

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