10 kinds of MORONS that you must totally avoid on Indian roads

10 kinds of MORONS that you must totally avoid on Indian roads

Idiots on Indian roads are dime a dozen. But there are 10 special kinds of morons who you need to watch for, and avoid for your personal safety and sanity. Here they are.

Traffic weavers


Weaving through traffic at high speed. It may look spectacular, but it’s totally dangerous. And this is exactly what a lot of bikers do on Indian roads. On some occasions, you can even see a car ro two indulge in such moronic behaviour. Needless to say, it can result in accidents, and in lives lost.

Lane hoggers

Lane hoggers can be quite annoying and dangerous too. Lane hoggers are the people who drive slower than the average traffic speed and keep the vehicle in the rightmost lane, which is an overtaking lane. Such lane hoggers can create an illusion of moving fast and cause accidents. Many accidents have been reported where a fast moving car has hit lane hoggers from the rear. Always be aware of slow-moving vehicles in fast lanes.

High beam lovers

Use of high beams on single lane highways and roads can be hazardous. The high beam from opposite side can temporarily blind you. Such naive behaviour of the drivers using high beam can kill motorists on the road.

The blinding high beam can distract people and may cause them to run into other vehicles or objects like electricity poles. Never look directly into a high beam, it is powerful enough to make you temporarily blind and cause an accident. Always concentrate on the edge of the road, looking away from the high beam during such situations.


There are many vehicles on the Indian highways that will tailgate you for no reason. Such vehicles can cause an accident when you have to brake suddenly or change lane. Tailgaters do not keep a safe distance and can crash if you brake in an emergency situation. Such vehicles do not get time to react quickly and can crash into your car causing severe and life-threatening injuries. Avoid such tailgaters at any cost and let them pass you to be safe on the road.

Going downhill in neutral

Going down in neutral will save you fuel but it can surely cause catastrophic accidents. Not using engine braking while going downhill and depending completely on the brakes to slow down can overheat them and make them very less effective. The vehicle goes out of control while going downhill if it is not in proper gear. Some people also turn off their vehicles while going downhill, causing the electric power steering and brake booster to stop working, which is extremely dangerous.

People not slowing down on the junctions

It is extremely important to slow down on the junctions on the Indian junctions. There are people who do not follow traffic lights or do not slow down while crossing main roads. It becomes extremely dangerous while negotiating on such roads. Such idiots who do not slow down on the junctions can cause severe accidents. It is extremely important on the Indian roads to slow on the junctions even if it is a green light.

Continuous honkers

People who continuously honk on the road are extremely annoying and distracting. There are people who will use the horn even if it is a red signal or stop light, people will continuously honk till they start to move again.

Turning without indicators

Using the indicators is a simple way of intimidating fellow road users about your intentions. This cautious the other road users that you’re about to take a left and will get out of the way. Some people just refuse to use the simple technique on the road.

People who put branches instead of hazard lamps

Cars and other vehicles do break down on the road and it is extremely normal. However, there are people who do not put proper signage to intimate the other road users about the breakdown. A few vehicles, especially the heavy ones use tree branches on the vehicle as a sign of break down. They are extremely hazardous during low visibility situations and at night. The proper way is to put the hazard triangle 50 feet towards the flow of traffic and put the hazard light on.

The tobacco aimers

There are people who love to chew paan or tobacco and then spit it out of the window when the vehicle is moving at a high speed. The spit can cause trouble to other road users and even can fall on the helmets of the bike users and cause accidents.