10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

Cars  have become a lot more technologically advanced. Most moderns cars now come with a key fob. It is a small remote that allows you to lock and unlock your car without actually using the key. Like any other thing, key fobs are also improving technologically and they now offer a lot more in terms of functions. Some of the key fobs even come with a display in them which helps them move the car forward and reverse like a remote control car. Here we have listed 10 such functions that are lesser known about the car key fob.

Start your car remotely

10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

Many modern cars now come with remote start feature. The key fobs of such cars are designed in a manner that they have a dedicated button in it to start the car. Not every car will have the same procedure to activate this feature. Some them may want you to long press a particular button on the key fob to start the engine. This feature can be helpful for those who want the cabin of their car cool when they enter.

Lower or close the car windows

Many of us know that key fobs of some brand offer the function which helps the owner close all the open window glasses by long pressing the lock button on it. Some manufacturers have taken things a bit more further and they are offering a function where one can actually lower the windows by long pressing the unlock button. Aftermarket solution are also available to activate this feature on any car.

Fold ORVMs

10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

Now, just like your windows, if you want to control the ORVM with your key fob, there are options to do that as well. Some car now offer a feature where by holding the lock button for 10 seconds will fold or unfold the ORVMs on your car.

Open tailgate

Other than lock and unlock, there is normally a third button on the key fob in modern day vehicles. This button is usually used to open the tail gate so that the occupants can access the boot without actually using the physical key or unlocking the car.

Start the car

10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

Other than starting the car remotely, one can also lock and unlock the car using the key fob. Many modern cars come with push button start/stop feature which does not actually require the physical key. As long as the key fob is inside the car, one can start and stop the car. If the key fob is not inside the car, the instrument cluster will show a notification.

Spot your car

If you parked you car in a parking lot and forgot the location, you can use the lock or unlock button to hear the noise and lights from your car. If it does not make any sound, then you can use the panic button which would set off the alarm in your car and you can easily spot it.

Protect your home from getting robbed

With the same method how you spotted your car at the parking lot, you can set off the alarm in your car to alert the neighbours if your house was getting robbed or you find something or someone suspicious in your house.

Lock/Unlock your car

10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

This is one of the most common and obvious use of a car key fob. While many modern cars are offering keyless entry and remote start features, some cars still have simple key fobs that are used to just lock and unlock your car.

Adjust driver seat

Normally, a car gets two sets of key. Each key can be programmed in a manner that the driver seat gets adjusted to position that the particular person wants. This feature only works in car with electrically adjustable seats with memory function.

Park cars

10 lesser known uses of a car key fob

As mentioned above, many manufacturers now offer a feature where you can pull your car out from tight parking spots without even getting inside. The key fob is used to do this. Using the same methods, car can be parked in tight spaces as well.