10 lowrider cars in India: From Chevrolet Beat to Honda City

The Indian roads are not at all well-suited for low-rider cars. This is why most cars coming to India get a raised suspension to keep the underbody safe from the illegal speed breakers and the big potholes. However, lowered cars do look great on the roads and it completely changes the stance of the car. Here are ten such lowered cars in India that look completely different and attract a lot of eyes on the roads.

Chevrolet Beat

Beat 1

Chevrolet Beat was the entry-level vehicle of the Chevrolet India’s lineup. The brand has exited India a few years back but there are still many own the car. Here is one from Kerala and it is the first Beat in India to get air suspension system. The system has been installed by Air1 Performance. Apart from the lowered stance, it also gets a number of modifications including underbody neon.

Beat 2

Hyundai Elite i20

Elite I20 1

The Hyundai Elite i20 has always been a sporty looking premium hatchback and it has been around in the market for a long time now. There are quite a handful of examples of modified Elite i20 hatchbacks in India. This one gets air suspension from N1 Concepts and the vehicle has been modified by Retro Customz.

Elite I20 2

Honda Accord

Accord 1

The older-generation Honda Accord powered by V6 petrol engine became one of the most popular cars among the enthusiasts in India. There are many such Honda Accord sedans and many of them are modified beautifully. This one from Kerala has been modified by 360 Motoring Kollam and it gets the N1 Concept air suspension system. This car is known as Sonic by the owner Riyas Kaliyadan.

Accord 2

Honda City

City !

This is a heavily modified Honda City that gets a long list of modifications. This car offers customised exhaust, BMC performance air intake, Borbet wheels, badge removal, new paint and more. It also gets Accuair e-level air suspension. The car belongs to Agash Herbie and located in Kotamangalam.

City 2

Honda Civic

Civic 1

Honda launched the all-new Civic in the Indian market last year. The older-generation Civic was quite popular in India, especially among the enthusiasts. Honda sold about 50,000 units of the older-generation Civic and many of them live as great modification examples. This one has been modified by 360 Motoring Calicut and gets N1 Concepts air suspension system.

Civic 2

Honda Accord

Accord 3

Here is another Honda Accord that has been slammed to the floor. It has been modified by Motoring 360 Kollam and it gets a wide-body kit that makes it look very different from any other Accord on the roads. This car also gets the air suspension system.

Accord 4

Volkswagen Polo

Polo 1

The Volkswagen Polo is still a popular car in the Indian market, especially among enthusiasts. The Polo with its timeless design serves as one of the cars to modify. This Polo from Kerala gets air suspension system. This is modified by Grid7 Customs and looks superb in the lowered stance.

Polo 2

Toyota Corolla

Corolla 1

Toyota Corolla is popular in India for its reliability and cabin space. However, it is also quite popular in the modification circuit in India and there are quite a few Corolla sedans modified in the country. This one gets a wide body kit and air suspension. In red colour, it sure attracts a lot of eyes.

Corolla 2

Honda Civic

Civic 3

Honda Civic is a great car to modify, which is why there are so many examples of them in the market. Here is one from Kerala and this too has been modified by 360 Motoring Calicut. This car gets a number of modifications including air suspension system.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

E Class 1

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one of the best-selling luxury cars in India. This one from Kerala is bagged and gets N1 Concepts air suspension. 360 Motoring Kollam has modified this vehicle and it also gets a body wrap!

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