10 LUXURIOUS lounges from DC Design

DC (Dilip Chhabria) is a person that needs no introduction. He is the guy who made modifications famous in our country. An automotive designer by profession, he has done a lot of radical style jobs. In addition to this, he recently unveiled India’s first indigenous sports car, the Avanti. The other thing that DC is commonly known for is the lounges he makes. Here are 10 hot lounges that DC has made:

Toyota Innova Crysta


The Innova is the most common DC lounge that you will find. Since the Innova in itself is a very comfortable vehicle, it makes sense to convert it into a lounge. The lounge conversion for the Innova will set you back by atleast Rs 5.0 lakhs. It has two custom bucket seats at the back that recline. There is a partition that separates the driver’s cabin from the passenger cabin and this grants you a lot of privacy.

You could have a TV, a DVD player and other forms of entertainment at the back, all dependent on how much you are willing to spend. The inside is filled with leather and wood, giving a real opulence feel to the cabin.

Toyota Fortuner

dc 1

The Fortuner is a very popular vehicle in our country. It has Toyota’s reliability, good looks, good off-road capability and has a lot of street presence. Since it is such a popular vehicle, DC has designed a lounge based on it as well. This one, the lounge based on the all-new Fortuner looks really plush.

Like the Innova, this one too has only 2 bucket seats at the back which recline, however these look a lot more comfortable. Also, unlike the Innova where only the interiors received a facelift, the Fortuner has gotten a makeover on the outside too.

dc 3

Mahindra XUV500

dc 2

No, DC doesn’t only make lounges based on the Toyota products. If you are looking for a SUV that can be used as a lounge instead of the Innova, the XUV is your answer. DC has done a few lounges based on the XUV as well. On offer on the XUV are a pair of captain seats, each 24 inch. They are fully electric and can recline upto 150 degrees. There is ambient lighting on the inside and each seat has individual reading lights.

dc 1

On offer are a pair of 10.4 in LCD screens fitted behind the front seats. They can be connected to a DVD player or your computer to make your you are always remain entertained. You could also go in for a set of tables, if you fancy eating or working while on the move.

Nissan Sunny

dc 3

Those who thought it was only the SUVs and MPVs that could be transformed into lounges were wrong. Now the Nissan Sunny is very popular with those people who are looking at rear seat space. It is commonly known as the ‘CAAAAARRR’ due to the amount of space offered at the back. Being so spacious makes it an ideal car for a lounge.

The rear bench has been replaced by two electrically adjustable individual seats that have an array of button on the armrest. The interiors have been finished in red leather. There is a massive LCD screen that has also been fitted, like on most lounges to provide entertainment to the rear seat passengers.

Skoda Rapid

dc 4

Another example of a lounge based on a sedan is the Rapid. The Rapid has been a highly understated car, being overshadowed by the Vento, with which it shares most of its components. However, the Rapid is the cheaper one to buy.

Like on the Sunny, the rear bench has been dumped and a pair of individual electronically adjustable seats have been added. The front passenger seat folds down in such a way that it makes for a full recliner with a foot rest. A LCD screen has been added to the back of the driver’s seat here too. No visual modification has taken place on the outside though.

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