10 Maruti 800 convertibles: Wild & Wacky

10 Maruti 800 convertibles: Wild & Wacky

Maruti 800 has remained an iconic car in the Indian market since its launch. The 800 was finally culled in India by Maruti after 31 years of continuous production in the market. There are many fine examples of the well-maintained Maruti 800s in India. Here are ten Maruti 800s that have been transformed into a convertible by respective owners.

JS Design


The Delhi-based designer JS Design has beautifully resto-modified this 800 into a convertible. The car gets an all-new body with flared wheel arches, side skirts, and a fabric roof. The modder has kept the engine and the chassis stock, apart from that, everything has been redone. The Maruti 800 was powered by 796cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine that powered the front wheels through four-speed or five-speed manual transmission depending on the model.

The car gets headlamps from Fiat Palio that is integrated with a custom bumper and forward tilting bonnet. At the rear, the car gets Chevrolet Spark tail lamps. There is also an additional luggage rack on the top. The car also gets aftermarket free-flow exhausts with twin tailpipes. JS Designs say that the car can be modified in Rs. 3.5 lakh.


Colourful and cheerful


This modified Maruti 800 from Mumbai is a chop job that looks really good. The owner has removed the roof of the vehicle and has converted the car into a two-seater. The car also gets dual tone colours. The rear seats and the doors have been removed to make it look like a proper two-seater car.

Straight Chop


This straightaway chop job on the Maruti 800 looks extremely neat and makes the vehicle very attractive. There has been no change to the seating configuration, doors or panels. The modified Maruti 800’s roof has been chopped while keeping the A-Pillar intact. The car also gets body coloured matched seat covers.

Red Streak


This example of the convertible 800 is same as the yellow car and has been done by the same modder – JS Design. The car, however, gets a few changes like body-coloured matching seat covers, different bumpers and body. The car truly looks very attractive and it will be a difficult job to make out the original car under the skin.


Wood Maruti_

This convertible is made out of wood and is made at home. This modified example from Punjab been made by a carpenter from Punjab and is built in his backyard. The car gets a Maruti 800 underneath the wooden body and looks like a head-turner on the road.

Maruti 800-Gypsy

Maruti 800 Weird 8

This Maruti 800 has been converted into a Gypsy complete with the chopped roof and fabric canopy. The military green painted chopped Maruti 800 looks quite cool. This will be best used for jungle safaris!

Ram Rahim

Maruti 800 Weird 10

This one belongs the self-styled godman who is now in jail. The wacky modified Maruti 800 gets a fibre body with a cutout windshield. The car also gets fake front grille and weirdly placed rear tyres. The two-seater modified 800 is one of many Ram Rahim’s unusual car collections.

White fire


This is a chop job done to remove the roof but keeping the rear seat intact. The car gets a pick-up style body with rollover cage too. It gets extra lamps on the roof and body graphics.



This car looks stretched and gets a chopped roof. The new fabric roof is not well fitted and slungs low. There are extra lamps on the front bumper too.

Yellow Magic


This one looks different and the job has not been done very well. The fabric roof looks like and after thought. However, with the bright colour, the car will sure attract a lot of eyes.

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