10 MEGA car mistakes you may be making even without your knowledge

10 MEGA car mistakes you may be making even without your knowledge

Driving a car has become integral part of our lives. Most of us spend a good amount of time controlling the car with our feet and hands to reach a destination. In the process, we also make a lot of mistakes unknowingly that can heavily damage the car. Here are 10 mega mistakes that you should avoid.

Cruise control in the wrong gear while driving a manual


The cruise control is a pretty useful feature in any car. The equipment helps in covering long distances without putting much input to the car. Nowadays, many manual cars have started featuring the cruise control. The cruise control in manual cars maintains the speed of the vehicle, no matter what gear you are in.

For example, you have set the cruise control at 100 km/h, and the gear lever is still in fourth gear position, the engine will have to work more to maintain the high speed. With the cruise control, we often forget to select the right gear and that puts unnecessary pressure on the engine and other parts.

Hill descent in higher gear

hill descent

Coming down an incline requires more skills than going up. Why? Because you need to control your speed while coming down an incline. Many modern SUVs have hill descent feature that limits the speed of the vehicle while coming down the incline.

If you are in a higher gear and not using the engine braking, you or the hill descent control will solely use the brakes of the car to limit the speed. Use of only brakes puts great wear and tear on the brakes and also make them excessively hot, which decreases the braking performance of the vehicle.

Keeping the car in gear instead of parking brake


This is something most of the people do. Keep the car in the gear while not using the handbrake while parking the car. If the car is parked on an incline, doing so will put excessive pressure of the car’s drive wheels that will put pressure on the axle. If somehow, someone hits your car from front or rear, the wheel will try to move due to the force and it may damage your axle completely. Use the handbrake, it is there for a reason.

Going faster through water puddle


We all have done it during the rainy season. Seeing a puddle on the road is an indication to increase the speed and go through it. Well, there are many things that can go wrong because of this. The splash made by your car may reach the air intake of your car and seize the engine. Other ill-effects? The car may aquaplane and you may lose the control of your car. Also, there can be a deep pothole under the water, going at fast speed may damage your car’s wheels and or suspensions.

No cool off time is not cool


All modern diesel cars have turbochargers and we have started seeing petrol ones with the magic equipment that induces more power to the engine. The turbocharges work very hard at a high rpm to pump compressed air into the engine. In the process, the turbos become red hot! Now Turbos are driven by the exhaust gases of the engine.

If the car is driven at high speeds and suddenly the engine is shut, the turbo stops and the exhaust gases stays inside the turbocharger till you start the engine till next time. This particularly affects your turbo and makes the life much shorter. Turbos are not cheap, mind you. Many water cooled turbocharged cars do not need this part because they are constantly being cooled down when the car is driven.

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