10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

Rolls Royce cars are epitomes of luxury. These ultra-luxurious cars are not accessible by many because of their insane price tags. A car that carries such a high price is also known for its some rare and unique features. Here are ten mind-blowing things that make Rolls Royce cars so cool.

You can’t steal the Spirit of Ecstacy

10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

One of the most visible features of the Rolls Royce cars is the Spirit of Ecstacy emblem on the hood of the car. The emblem is present on all the Rolls Royce cars that have come out of the factory since the 1920s. The emblem can be customised in 24-carat gold among many other variations. It has also become one of the easiest targets for the thieves.

To save the emblem, Rolls Royce came up with a brilliant plan. As soon as the Rolls Royce cars are switched off, a system of motors, wires and sensors work together to retract the Spirit inside the bonnet of the vehicle securely. The same happens if someone tries to fiddle with the emblem when the car is on.

Starlit roof

10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

The starlight roof of Rolls-Royce cars is something that is truly heavenly. Rolls-Royce uses engineers use a complex system of optical fibers in the ceiling. There are 1340 optical fibers painstakingly hand stitched into the roof to produce this illusion. When in use, the roof lights up brilliantly mimicking the night sky. It is an optional accessory available with all the hard-top Rolls Royce vehicles.

Door closes by button

10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

This is as indulgent as car features can go. Rolls Royce cars come with uniquely built suicide doors. The doors themselves are quite heavy. In Rolls-Royce models, one does not have to spend your energy to close the doors. There are buttons situated on the quarter panel glass that can operate and close the driver and the passenger side door with just a push of a button. Power doors anyone?

Clean, dry umbrellas every single time

10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

All the Rolls Royce cars come with Teflon-coated umbrella chambers on the driver and the co-driver side. The umbrellas pop out with a push of a button. Also, the tech is so extravagant that the car will dry your umbrella with built-in fans and heaters so that you get them fresh every single time you want to use them. How cool is that?

No stretch marked leather

10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

Rolls-Royce gives deep attention to the details. Only the best materials are chosen and used in the Rolls-Royce cars. One such example is the leather used in the interiors. Only bull hide is chosen for the leather as the cows give birth and develop stretch marks on the body. It takes above 11 bull hides and 17 days the wrap the interiors completely. Even Gaurakshaks will be happy with this one.

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