10 modified hatchbacks from DC Design: Maruti Swift to Hyundai i20

by Shantonil Nag

DC Design is one of the most popular car customisation houses in India. The modification house is loved by many, while it has been criticised too for some of its outrageous designs. Over its years of existence, DC Design has modified many different cars. Here are ten hatchbacks that have been designed by the mod house.

Maruti Swift

The Maruti Swift has gained a cult status in India. The hatchback is currently in its third generation and is one of the top-selling cars in the country. DC Design modified a last-gen Maruti Suzuki Swift and it looks quite different from the stock one. Modifications include an LED DRL at the front, a new air dam grille and a radiator grille. At the rear, the hatchback gets a new bumper insert. Interiors have been given a fresh look too with a new red theme.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is loved by the enthusiasts for its precise steering feedback and build quality. The evergreen design of the Polo has been altered with stronger wheel arches, a new bumper with a contrasting highlight and a set of new headlamps. The body has been altered for a three-door set-up. It now looks more menacing on the road with bigger and wider tyres.

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is a popular car around the world. This modification job has been done on the previous generation i20 that came with the Fluidic design. The vehicle now sports a larger front grille with a contrasting red boundary. It also gets red accents on the bumper that goes with the grille. The red highlights continue to be seen around the fog lamps too.

Tata Nano

The Nano remains one of the most underrated cars in the market. DC has modified the humble looking Nano into a wild car. It gets huge air dams on the sides that can look awkward even on the sportscars. The front gets a large grille with aerodynamic flaps. It also gets a dual body colour, giving it a very racy look.

Hyundai Santro

The Hyundai Santro marked the arrival of the Korean brand in India. While Hyundai is preparing to re-launch the product in the market, there are still many Santro cars that can be seen on the roads. DC Design has modified a Santro to look completely different. It gets a coupe look now and gets a two-door set-up. It even loses its identity with an all-new front-end that consists of a new plastic grille and sleeker headlamps.

Mahindra Reva

The Reva is known as the first electric car that was commercially available in the Indian market. Even though it was an odd-looking vehicle, DC Design has transformed it into a space pod. The two-seater hatchback now gets a completely new design with an Audi R18 sportscar-inspired headlamp. The tyres get full covers with faux drive shaft design plates. It would be a dream of many 5th graders!

Tata Indica

Tata Indica holds a special space in the history of the Indian car market, as it was the first passenger car from the automotive giant in India. The modification job on the Indica includes a new grille and new projector headlamps. The vehicle has been given a green-yellow paint job. At the rear, the vehicle now gets a new tail lamp unit with no cover.

Maruti WagonR

The Maruti WagonR has remained as one of the favourite hatchbacks for the families in India. The spacious car is the first choice of many and even after years, the design of the vehicle has remained the same. This WagonR gets a crossover look with a thick plastic cladding all around. The cladding can be seen at the front too. The headlamp has been replaced with a new multi-lamp unit and the main headlamp is placed near the bumper now.

Maruti WagonR pickup

DC Design has made another version of the WagonR. It becomes a pick-up truck now and gets a new moniker called Devago. The vehicle is built on the WagonR’s chassis and the whole body has been fabricated from scratch. The bright yellow colour attracts even more attention than the body-style. The spacious WagonR becomes a two-seater in the DC’s pick-up truck form.

Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 was India’s first mega-successful vehicle. It now becomes B.T.S. after going under DC’s knife and stitches. The chassis of the 800 has been used to fit a newly fabricated body. The B.T.S. is now a two-seater coupe-styled vehicle with modern design. The flared wheel arches and faux rear air dams give it a sporty look, while the modern projector headlamps add functionality to the vehicle.

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