10 MODIFIED Honda City sedans from India

Honda City has been one of the most popular sedans in the Indian automotive market for a long time. The City has also remained one of the highest selling cars in the segment through many months. We get you the ten modified examples of the Honda City from across the country.

Practical and hot!

Honda City Custom 1

Here is a Honda City diesel that looks extremely flamboyant. The car is from Kerala and the owner has made changes to the front and rear bumpers and added the side skirts to the vehicle. The City also gets 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels with TEIN coil over suspension that lowers the stance of the vehicle. The owner has also made changes to the tail lamps and has replaced them with LED ones. There are now four exhaust tips instead of one that comes with the stock.

Honda City Custom 4

Black Out

city 1

This Honda City has been crazily done up. Where the all-new Honda City wasn’t a stunner to look at, this one really stands out. This City features a Mugen RR body kit which comprises of a new bumper with custom LED DRLs, a new grill and skirting all over. The stock headlamps have been replaced by aftermarket projector lamps. The car also gets lowered with 17-inch Lenso rims and suspension from Vogtland.

Wrap it!


Even though gold platted or wrapped cars are not as famous in India as they are in the Middle East, there are a few vehicles with the gold wraps. Here is an example of the Honda City wrapped in matte gold with black roof. The car also gets new LED headlamps and Type R grille. The car also gets body kit with quad exhaust tips. There is also a spoiler at the rear.

Soothing white

city 12

This white Honda City with subtle modification looks graceful. The car gets aftermarket projector headlamps that have been blacked out and the front grille sprayed with black paint. The car also gets a new body kit and 17-inch alloy wheels. the rear tail lamps have been replaced with new LED cluster. The engine also gets extra power with an additional diesel tuning box from Race Dynamics.

city 11

Red Stripped


This modified example from Punjab shows a white vehicle can look sporty too. The car gets blacked out front grille and BMW inspired DRL integrated into the headlamps. There is also a red stripe that runs from the front bumper to the rear of the vehicle. The alloy wheels have been upgraded to chrome ones.


city 6

The vehicle gets many changes that give it an imposing stance. The Honda City gets projector headlamps with LED DRLs. The rear gets a large spoiler, blacked out tail lamps and an all-new rear bumper with air-vents. The owner has also added chrome alloys.

city 7

Type R


Honda City does not get a sportier version like the Type R Civic. However, there are enthusiasts who have made body kits for the City too. Here is an example of the Honda City with blacked out hood, new grille and a new bumper. The headlamps get a new layer that makes them look slimmer and there is also integrated LED DRLs.

Mugen RR


Here is a Honda City from West Bengal that gets a loud yellow paint job. To complement the paint job, the City gets Mugen RR body kit. The kit includes a new grille, new front and rear bumper, side skirts and a large spoiler. The hood has been blacked out too.




The Batman drives a Batpod that is quite impossible to replicate in the real world. However, this Honda City tries to be a Batman edition. The car gets yellow headlamp tint, foglamp tint, yellow inserts on the alloy wheels, Batman graphics on the side, matte black body wrap, Bat logo on the hood and boot lid.

Honda City_1



The DC body kit is not exactly beautiful but it sure will turn a lot of heads. The car gets a new grille, bumper which gives it an all-new face. The rear also gets new bumpers with extra dual exhausts. The DC body kit is not something that everyone will look forward to but it has a loud appeal to it.


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