10 modified Jeep Wranglers that redefine what crazy is

Jeep officially landed in India few months back. Even though their products carried a price tag that left most of the enthusiasts bewildered, we still look forward to Jeep SUVs. The Wrangler is the cheapest ‘real’ Jeep in India currently. We bring you 10 modified Wranglers from around the world for some inspiration.

6X6 Wrangler


The 6X6 conversion kit on the Jeep Wrangler looks badass! The conversion is done in Los Angeles by Wild Boar crew and it goes beyond saying that this Jeep can reach otherwise unimaginable destinations.

The modified Jeep gets an extra axle which gets its own differential and power from the existing rear wheel axle. Even the engine of the Jeep has been swapped with the engine of Dodge Charger.

The V8 engine has been modified to put out a maximum of 754 BHP and monstrous 915 Nm of torque. The extra power takes care of the extra weight and the Jeep Wrangler 6X6 gets all the force it needs to climb the most difficult terrains.

Apocalypse Wrangler


We all are sure that zombie apocalypse will someday grip the planet earth, aren’t we? Here is something that will save you from the Zombies and may even make you the hero of the society. Modified by a Canadian based firm, this Jeep Wrangler looks ready to go into wars and come back with a grin.

The Wrangler has been lifted and new 24-inch mud-terrain tyres have been installed. The doors have been removed for easy access and lighten the car. There is also an automatic assault rifle mounted on the top of the Wrangler, but that would be illegal in many countries including India. Maybe we can install a Nerf gun instead!

Snow Track Wrangler


Snow driving with the best snow tyres and chains is very tricky. The best way to tackle the snow is to remove the tyres altogether and replace the tyres with caterpillar tracks! The Jeep Wrangler shown here gets snow tracks to tackle any condition the weather god throws at it.

There is also a long LED bar to light the path during dark conditions. Then, there is a snorkel to help you cross a river. This is basically a juggernaut Jeep that can’t be stopped by the ordinary forces.

Jeep Lower Forty


If you think you have seen huge tyres, think again! These 40-inch tires from the Mickey Thompson makes the Jeep Wrangler nothing less than a Monster. Mind you, there is no suspension lift in this Wrangler, only the tyre size has been increased. The huge tyres give the Wrangler enough traction and ground clearance to virtually reach any place. The SUV is powered by 5.7-litre V8 engine that sends all the grunt through a six-speed manual transmission to all the four wheels.

The Legend


It is one of the most outrageously modified Wranglers we have seen till date. We are also very certain that this modification job will become the inspiration behind many mod jobs in the land of five rivers, Punjab! The Legend sits on massive 50-inch tractor tyres and have hydraulic steering system to move them around. The suspension system is stick.

The vehicles is chopped by 4-inches to give it a low-ride look. All the glass areas of the Wrangler gets a red tint and the wheel arches have been flared so much that now they look like wings. The V6 engine that comes with the Wrangler stays stock but who cares about that when you got all the eyes on you?

10 modified Jeep Wranglers that redefine what crazy is

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