10 Modified Maruti Suzuki Swifts – Part II

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a phenomenon in India’s hatchback car territory. A best seller for a full decade, over 1.5 million Swift hatchbacks have been sold in India. The sheer volume of this car on Indian roads has made it a modder’s favourite and there are thousands of modified Maruti Swifts. The car is sold with the Suzuki Swift nameplate in markets abroad, where it is quite popular in the modifier’s circuit. Here is our second instalment of 10 Modified Maruti Suzuki Swifts, to inspire you to modify your Swift too.

Autopsyche's Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift

[Image: Autopsyche on Facebook]

DC Design Maruti Swift

[Image: DC Design on Facebook]

Suzuki Swift S-Concept

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift 2

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift Volt

Suzuki Suzuki Swift Sport Concept

Suzuki Swift Turbo

[Image: BurnPavement]

Suzuki Swift Super 1600

Maruti Suzuki Swift Mod

[Image: QuarterMile]