10 custom motorcycles 'officially' commissioned by Royal Enfield!

10 custom motorcycles ‘officially’ commissioned by Royal Enfield!

Royal Enfield motorcycles are probably the most modified motorcycles in the world. Almost no Royal Enfield motorcycle on the road is in stock condition. The popularity of the modifications has prompted Royal Enfield to officially commission customised motorcycles from various modification houses, from time to time. Here are ten such motorcycles that have been officially commissioned by Royal Enfield.

D-71 Fiddler

This is one of the newest Royal Enfield commissioned bikes in India. It is based on the Himalayan which had the ‘D 71’ as its code name, when it was in the development stage. The D71 Fiddler is an ode to the development stage of the Himalayan and hence, the name.

It has been customised by Bulleteer Customs and is inspired by the Fiddler crab. The crab’s asymmetric pincers inspired the design of the bike. The rear sub-frame of the stock bike has been replaced with a new chopped one, which also removes the pillion seat of the bike. It also gets new aftermarket tyres, an aftermarket sprocket, twin LED stripes for headlamps, and the rims also get a custom paint job.

Green Fly

This customisation job, from Royal Enfield Spain, is based on a Royal Enfield Classic 500. It is the first official Royal Enfield custom job from Spain. The frame comes from a Royal Enfield Continental GT as it is easier to modify. The bike gets upside down front forks and a rear monoshock.

The rear seat is now positioned very close to the rear wheel and the seat is made of quilted leather. The tank gets brushed textured with the lacquer applied to it to give a smooth texture. The headlamps have been replaced with dual projector lamps.

Mo ‘Powa’

As the name suggests, it is a drag bike officially commissioned by the brand. The Mo ‘Powa’ is also based on the Royal Enfield Classic 500. The wheelbase has been stretched and the swingarm has been replaced with the Continental GT’s swingarm to lower the stance of the motorcycle. The rear gets new shock absorbers from K-Tech, while the front forks get stiffer spring. The handlebar has been replaced with a flatter one.

The most significant changes take place in the engine. There is now a turbocharger supplying the engine with more air. The carburettor has been replaced with fuel injection. The fuel gauge has been replaced with a turbocharger boost gauge. To give the whole set-up more traction, the rear tyre has been replaced with Continental TKC70 dual purpose tyres. The final output of the bike is not known but it sure has gained quite a few horses.

Dirty Duck

Here is another stand-out customisation job commissioned by Royal Enfield. The bike is based on the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535, which has now been discontinued. The Cafe Racer looks ready to go off the road too with the number of mechanical changes that it gets.

The motorcycle gets knobbly tyres, a flat handlebar and a new single seat. There is also a luggage carrier for carrying essentials during long rides. The exhaust has also been changed into a scrambler-styled customised set-up. To fit it all, Royal Enfield has also added a snorkel to the motorcycle, so that it can cross deep streams of water with ease.


Royal Enfield officially showcased the bike at the 2017 Wheels and Waves Festival in France after commissioning the motorcycle to Sinroja Motorcycles. The bike gets simple yet powerful modifications. It is based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan but loses its bold and brawny look to become a good-looking, gentleman’s ride. The bike gets a new handlebar, new seat and a new exhaust.

The bike also gets 16-inch rims with spokes, fatter profile tyres with white painted walls and a grey paint scheme. The suspension system of the bike has been upgraded too. The bike gets a front petal disc and radially mounted calliper.

Surf Racer

The Surf Racer was the second motorcycle that was showcased at the 2017 Wheels and Waves Festival. It is also customised by the UK-based Sinroja Motorcycles and is based on the Continental GT 535. It gets a semi-fairing giving it a very rustic faired cafe racer and dragster look. The faired cafe racer also has a redesigned tail with an integrated exhaust. The design makes it look extremely neat. The motorcycle gets 17-inch performance wheels, upgraded tyres, upside down forks and a horizontally mounted rear shock.

Sinroja has also tweaked the engine. It now has more power with higher lift cams, a new engine manifold and machined piston barrels that work together to provide higher compression. A new exhaust system from Dellorto pushes the gases out from under the seat.

Beach Tracker

This is one of the four motorcycles that Royal Enfield officially commissioned to announce their official customisation program. The bike has been made by Inline 3 customs, based in Delhi, which took only 45 days to execute the job.

The bike gets a new bobber inspired look. There is also a new custom exhaust, new seat and new white wall tyres. The headlamp has been given a new grille case to save it from any hits. The new fatter tyres will help the bike ride on sand with ease.

Rooster Trike


It is one of the few Royal Enfield-based trike motorcycles in the world. The bike first made its appearance at the 2016 Royal Enfield Rider Mania after being officially commissioned. The custom job, based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan, looks quite different from the stock model. It has been completely fabricated in-house by TNT Motorcycles and also gets a reverse gear set-up. A blue lever just below the fuel tank puts the bike in reverse, which is a thoughtful addition.

The rear of the bike has been completely modified with rear differentials and a set of knobby tyres. The wide rear track and more tyre-surface contact area ensure a wider weight distribution that gives it a better ability to ride on loose sand. It also gets a set of speakers that can sync with a Bluetooth device and play your favourite music.

GT Roadster

The bike was commissioned by Royal Enfield to showcase it during the announcement of its official customisation program. Modded by TNT Motorcycles, the Roadster looks quite unique in its form. The bike has been chopped and welded in various places that give it a different identity altogether. The unique highlight about the GT Roadster is the disc-cum sprocket system mounted on the rear wheel. The sprocket itself acts as a disc brake and it is quite a challenge to execute.

The handlebar has been changed to a higher one while the swingarm has been transformed into a single-sided swingarm. The chassis gets a red paint and the headlamp gets a sky blue tinge. The Continental GT also gets a new customised exhaust with a muffler placed under the seat. A custom leather seat and a leather pouch complete the look of the motorcycle.

Leather Love

This plush Royal Enfield Classic 500 has been designed by Bombay Customs. The bike gets sheets of leather and looks truly premium. It gets a simple pinstriped fuel tank with an all-black body. All the other parts, like the silencer pipe, exhaust muffler guard, hand grips and seat are wrapped in leather. It even gets two brown leather saddles on either side giving it a classic look.

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