10 Must Have Car Safety Accessories Priced Under 2,000 Rupees

Snapshot – Safety on the road is not optional and there’s only so much a car manufacturer can do by providing generic safety equipment such as airbags, ABS and three point seatbelts. While staying safe on the road has a lot to do with common sense and defensive driving, here are a set of must have accessories that will take safety to another level. All the accessories in this list are affordably priced, at below 2,000 rupees.

Reverse Parking Sensors

Reverse Parking Sensors

Reverse parking sensors alert you to any person, object or obstacle behind your car while you’re backing up. Reverse parking sensors also help protect your car’s rear end from getting damaged. While reverse parking sensors are standard on most high end cars, they’re yet to be made standard on budget offerings. You can buy these sensors from Amazon for around 1,100 rupees. See more such accessories on www.amazon.in

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Reverse parking camera

Reverse Parking Camera

The reverse parking camera goes one step ahead of the sensors, and beams an image of the area behind the car. In tadnem with the reverse parking sensors, a camera can make reversing a car easy. You can buy a parking camera and a display for as little as 1,300 rupees.

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Child Seat

Child Seat

The stock seats of cars are not suitable for young children. They require special seats known as ‘child seats’ in order to be securely fastened with the seat belt. Without a child seat, a seat belt is useless for a young child. Many car makers now design their vehicles with the provision of attaching a child seat. Here’s an example of a child seat that costs 1,665 rupees. You can find more on Amazon.

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Reflective tape

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape stuck on the front and rear bumper of your car will make your vehicle visible in poor light conditions as the headlamps of other vehicles will illuminate the reflective tape. Also, reflective tape is particularly useful on parked cars. 3M sells reflective tape for as little as 126 rupees. Find more such tapes on Flipkart.

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Life Hammer

Life Hammer

The Life Hammer is a custom designed tool that will help break the windows of your car to escape in case of an emergency. This device also has an integrated seat belt cutter. The idea is to use this device to quickly cut seat belts and break windows, to get out the car in case of a roll over or a fire accident. Here’s one that you can buy for around 349 rupees. Find more such equipment on Amazon.

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Fire extinguisher

Car Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is another useful add on that can make the difference between life and death, and between a usable car and a fully burnt skeleton of a car. As its name suggests, a fire extinguisher is your first layer of protection from a car fire. You can buy a small, hand held unit for under 200 rupees. Here’s one. Be sure that you mount this fire extinguisher in a highly visible and accessible place in the car. You can find more such units on Amazon.

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Stick-on fish eye convex mirror

Blind Spot Convex Mirror

A stick-on fish eye convex mirror can be stuck to the regular OEM wing mirror that comes with the car. This fish eye convex mirror helps eliminate blind sports on the rear and flanks of the car. A very useful accessory to go with defensive driving techniques, a fish eye convex mirror is one of the most inexpensive safety additions, with a pair of these going for around 240 rupees. Find more such mirrors on Amazon.

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Car emergency kit

Car Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit is the difference between you getting stranded in the middle of nowhere to you reaching your destination comfortably, and safely. A car emergency kit consists of a 2 fuses, a tow rope, a digital tyre gauge, jump cables, insulation tape, gloves and a torch. Such a kit costs about 890 rupees. Find more such kits on Amazon.

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First aid kit

Car First Aid Kit

First aid kits are usually provided in the car by manufacturers. However, components of the kit require frequent replacement as most of them come with expire dates. First air kits need periodic replacement too and when you do need such a replacement, be prepared to fork out about 600 rupees for a kit like this. You can find more on Flipkart.

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LED auxiliary lamps

Cree LED Spotting Lamps

LED auxiliary lamps can be particularly useful when you venture off the road in your SUV. Some off roading conditions require very high illumination and LED auxilary lamps provide just the right kind of lighting for such conditions by serving as spotting lamps. A pair of CREE spotting LEDs will cost around 1,600 rupees. You can find more such LEDs on Snapdeal.

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