10 new ways to LOSE your driving licence

You might not be aware of it but the Indian traffic rules have been constantly evolving. As per the latest set of changes, there have been many new additions to the list of offences under the Motor Vehicle Act. Here are as many as ten new ways in which you can lose your driving license.

Playing loud music

Correct, you can really get in trouble for playing loud music in your car. As per the new rule, the playing of loud music can be fined by the traffic police. While the law doesn’t talk about the exact volume, the traffic cop present at the location can issue a challan as per his discretion. There’s a challan of at least Rs 100. This amount increases in case the cop feels that the volume of the loud music imposes a threat to other road users. Even your driving license can be seized.

Crossing speed limit in school areas

Children are more vulnerable to road mishaps, agree? Hence, next time you drive past a school, make sure you’re adhering to the speed limit. In case the speed limit sign isn’t visible, make sure that you don’t drive at anything more than 25 kmph. Not following the speed limit near a school and near the construction sites can even lead to the seizure of your driving license.

Using phone other than navigation

Using the phone while driving is a strict no-no. Hence, if the cop sees you using your phone while driving, he can slap on a fine on you. As per the new laws, the driver can’t use the phone for anything but navigation. Hence, next time a cop catches you and asks you to show your phone, make sure the screen has the navigation app running on it.

Talking on phone via Bluetooth

Yes, all car manufacturers offer you this feature on their costlier cars. However, it’s still illegal to talk on the phone using Bluetooth. Basically, using the phone to talk in any form in a car is a traffic offence and can land you in trouble. Even if your vehicle comes equipped with the Bluetooth feature, it’s best to pull over and complete the phone call. A cop can even seize your license in case he catches you talking on the phone through Bluetooth.

Skipping pedestrian crossing

There are millions of people who don’t use a vehicle to commute. They commute by walking on the road as pedestrians. Now, the zebra crossings are marked on the road to help the pedestrians cross the road easily. It’s really important for a car driver to stop before the zebra crossing. You can be fined in case a traffic cop catches you blocking the pedestrian crossing at a stop light. Even your driving license can be suspended for the next few months.

Driving on the footpath

While a footpath is generally not large enough for a car to be used on it, motorcyclists very often decide to ride on the footpath to skip a long red light or some traffic congestion. Obviously, the footpath is meant for pedestrians and not for motorists.

Using pressure horns

Pressure horns not only cause a lot a noise pollution but can also startle other road users. No surprise, then, that pressure horns are totally banned. Basically, your car won’t even remain road-legal in case you end up installing such horns. If caught, your license can be seized and a heavy fine can be imposed. Even multi-toned horns aren’t allowed.

Lane splitting at high-speed zones

Many motorcyclists love to cut lanes and squeeze between the spaces. If you are one such two-wheeler rider, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on the speed limit. Cutting through the lanes is only allowed on sections of the road that have a speed limit of 40 kmph. At other places, if you are even just 15 kmph faster than other vehicles while overtaking the, you can be fined.

Not giving way to ambulances

Is there an ambulance that’s stuck behind you? Not giving it way can land you in trouble. Many new ambulances now come with cameras that record the movement of the vehicles ahead. If a car in front is found blocking the way, the cops can issue a challan and seize your license.

Racing on public roads

Racing should be restricted to private roads and racetracks. If you’re someone who likes to race on the public roads, strict action can be taken against you. Hence, it’s best to keep your racing aspirations to the track. You can lose your license if you are caught racing on public roads.