10 new ways to lose your driving license (according to the new MV act)

The Indian parliament has just passed the 2016 Motor Vehicles Act which has many new amendments. And these amendments mean that are many new ways in which you could lose your license. Section 206 of the MV act has been amended, and it now gives cops the authority to suspend a driving license for the following offences. 

10 new ways to lose your driving license (according to the new MV act)

What all can get your license suspended?


In a bid to reduce the number of accidents that happen due to high-speed, the new law can suspend your license if you are caught speeding. A fine of Rs. 1000 can be imposed at the minimum alongside suspension of the license. The fine can get higher depending on the speed of the vehicle and how high it is from the speed limit of that road.

Dangerous driving

If the cops catch you driving dangerously on the road, be assured that you will face a hefty fine with a chance of losing the license. The dangerous driving includes driving recklessly and not following the lanes. If your driving is threatening the lives of the other motorists on the road, it will be considered as dangerous driving. Even stunting on motorcycles is deemed as dangerous driving on the public roads and you can be booked.

Drunk Driving

10 new ways to lose your driving license (according to the new MV act)

Drunk driving or drinking and driving has always been considered as a major offence. The new laws now impose Rs. 10,000 on the drunken driving cases. The offence is a court challan, and the can permanently cancel the license on repeat offence.

Racing on public roads

If you are caught racing on public roads, you can lose your license. Racing on the public roads is counted as dangerous driving, and if caught, the driver will get a warning or license suspension even for the first time depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Triple Riding

Two-wheeler riders are often seen with one extra person squeezed between two. Triple riding is highly unsafe as it reduces the balance and also increases the weight on the motorcycle that in turn can reduce the braking distance. Triple riding under the new law will attract a fine of Rs. 2000 or/and suspension of license for three months.

Riding without helmet

10 new ways to lose your driving license (according to the new MV act)

Motorcycle riders often die in accidents due to injury to head. The new law addresses this issue by making the fine Rs. 1,000 and also causing license suspension after three such offences.

Not giving way to ambulances

Not giving way to ambulances and other emergency vehicles is a major problem in India. Not giving way to ambulances will now get you a challan of Rs. 10,000 and license suspension if you repeat it again.

Driving modified cars/motorcycles

Modification to the vehicle can make it unsafe or can cause a problem to the other motorists on the road. The new law says that if the vehicle is very heavily modified, the registration and the license will be cancelled of the offender.

Signal jumping

If you jump the signal, you put the lives of other motorists in danger. Signal jumping has now become a serious crime with the new laws. Jumping signals will also be counted as a serious offence, and after three repeat offences, the license will be cancelled.

Seat Belts

Not wearing seat belts can get the occupants seriously injured in the event of accident. Not wearing a seat belt now attracts a fine of Rs. 1000 and after three incidents, the license is suspended for six months.

What does license suspension mean?

10 new ways to lose your driving license (according to the new MV act)

There are two types of challans when you get your license suspended. One is court challan, and other is regular challan. Court challan is given when cases like drunk driving happen. When you get this type of challan, the driver has to surrender the license at the spot to the police.

The cops give you a receipt for it.The driver then has to be present in the court with the challan.  The judge then gives the judgement after hearing the case and can punish the offender with jail time or penalty payment or license suspension or all of it.

If the cops have not given you a court challan, you get a warning. If you are a repeat offender and have received three warnings from the cops, the fourth offence will attract a suspension of 6 months. Any offence after that will get the license suspended permanently. However, few serious offences that are mentioned below can get your license cancelled.

During the suspension period, the police intimate the RTO about the license suspension so that you do not apply for the duplicate license during the suspension period.