10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

The constantly evolving Indian traffic rules always keep the motorists on their toes. In a new set of rules, many new additions to the existing list of offenses have been made. Here are ten new ways in which you can lose your driving license.

Playing loud music

10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

Yes, you read that right. According to the new rule, if you play loud music, you can be fined by the traffic police. Even though the law does not say how loud the music should be to get the punishment. The cop present at the location may judge the loudness of the music to issue a fine to you.

If the loud music is found to be playing, the cop can challan you Rs. 100. There are even higher fines if the cops find that the music is imposing danger to the fellow motorists on the road. Even the license can be seized in such an offense.

Crossing speed limit in school areas

Children are important and they are the future of the country, agree? Next time when you drive around a school, keep an eye on the speed limit and follow that. If there is no speed limit sign, make sure that the speedometer of your vehicle indicates below 25 km/h. Not following speed limit near schools and near construction area may invite seizure of your license.

Watching phone other than navigation

10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

The use of a phone is a strict no while driving. If you’re looking at the phone and the cop sees you doing that, it will be sad after story. The phone cannot be used for anything except for navigation according to the new laws. Next time a cop comes to you and demands to see your phone, make sure that the screen has navigation on it.

Talking on phone via Bluetooth

10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

But every manufacturer gives that feature, how can it be illegal, right? Wrong. Using the phone to talk in any form to talk is offensive and is illegal. Even though the vehicle comes with standard Bluetooth, you should always stop the vehicle to send your voice back through the phone. Mixing driving and talking is not legal. If the cop finds out that you’re talking and driving at the same time, your may have to bid adieu to your license.

Skipping pedestrian crossing

There are still millions of people who do not use vehicles to commute. How do they commute? Most of them can be seen on the road walking as pedestrians. Now, the zebra crossings are made to help pedestrians to cross the road without any difficulties. It is extremely important to stop before the pedestrian crossing. If you’re found blocking the pedestrian crossing and it is a red light, you can be punished with no license for next few months.

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