10 of the HOTTEST Suzuki Swifts from around the world

10 of the HOTTEST Suzuki Swifts from around the world

The Swift is a much loved car all over the world. Like people in India love to modify their Swift, people across the world share this passion as well. Here are 10 hot Swifts from across the world.

D Language Swift


D Language is a racing team that has built this Swift. And it is totally bonkers. The main motive behind this build was to make a crazy race car and they have certainly succeeded in doing so. It has massive wings at the front and the rear to improve aerodynamics. Under the hood is a 1.6 liter engine from the Swift Sport.

This one has been turbocharged however and produces a massive 350 BHP which is almost 4 times that we get in the Indian market. On the inside, there is a roll cage and the car has been completely stripped out. Even the dashboard has been replaced by just a few buttons.

Racing Garage


This particular one has a paint shade that stands out. The aquamarine shade really does look good on the car. Visual mods include a new front bumper with a larger air inlet to help cool the engine. The car has a front splitter and massive canards giving it an aggressive race car look. The bonnet has been replaced by a light weight panel to save on weight.

The owner certainly has studied a lot about aerodynamics before modding this car. He has even opted to change the wing mirrors to help the cause. The car has been lowered and sits on larger deep dish alloys as well. On the inside, the car has Bride racing seats to comfort you. Details on the changes under the hood aren’t clear, but by the looks of it, it certainly must be making a lot of power.

GT-R style


This Swift has been restyled to look like a GT-R. So like the GT-R, this one too has the similarly styled front grill. There is a massive front splitter and side skirts which act as a part of the body kit. In addition to that, there are also canards which add to the aggression. The car is finished in a purple shade which looks really nice.



RSRS is a company that makes kits for the Swift and many other cars. This one has been kitted out by them. It features new projector headlamps, a new front bumper with a splitter and grooves to improve aerodynamics. There is also a tow hook which has been permanently added to help in case of an issue.

Swift Sport


This started life as a 5 door Swift Sport. The owner has then gone and lowered the car quite a bit and it now looks totally slammed. The front bumper has a lip spoilter which adds to the visual appeal. There are side skirts and aftermarket concave rims that add to the good looks of the car.

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