10 overhyped features you can totally ignore & 10 vital features every car must have

Modern day cars come with a long list of features. While some of these can be absolutely vital, most others are totally overhyped. Here are 10 features you can totally ignore, while 10 more that are very important to have on every car.

Features that you can ignore

Keyless Push Button start


Manufacturers highlight this feature a lot. The feature allows the driver to walk up to the car and unlock the vehicle without taking out the key from the pocket. Keyless entry also allows the car to start with the push of a button.

While this may sound very high-tech but it is not something that is needed in the car. Yes, it is a good feature to have but not something that is really necessary.

Automatic Headlamps

Automatic Headlamp Stalk

Automatic headlamps use a light sensor to switch on the headlamps automatically when it is dark. The so-called “premium feature” is actually not needed. Turning on headlamps just needs a flick of a finger. Manufacturers charge extra money for the feature and it also adds a lot of complexity for something that can be done easily.



Indian climate is very harsh. There maybe just a few weeks that are pleasant enough to switch off the AC and enjoy the weather. Unlike Europe, the Indian cities are also riddled with high pollution levels. Hence, the sunroof does not make sense for the Indian market, and it is an expensive feature that increases the price by a few tens of thousand.

Beige interiors

Beige Interiors

Beige interiors do look premium in cars but in a dusty country like India, the beige interiors make little sense. Maintaining beige interiors will require extra effort in the Indian conditions and it is susceptible to get soiled easily too. It is best to avoid beige interiors if you don’t like spending extra time taking care of them.

Touch sensitive AC controls

Touch screen

Touch sensitive AC controls are the latest fad in the market. They do look good but they are exactly not very safe. In comparison to the physical buttons that can be felt, you will always have to take your eyes off the road while operating touch sensitive buttons, which is very dangerous. Always try to avoid such features.

Proximity sensors

Proximity sensor

The high-end vehicles come with proximity sensors that make a warning sound as soon as other vehicles come closer. The feature is absolutely annoying in India as there is no way other cars will maintain enough space. The feature becomes irritating during heavy traffic situations and are best avoided.

Ambient light

Ambient Lights

Ambient lighting does give a good feeling inside the cabin. The hidden lights beautifully light up the car but it is a useless feature as far as the driver is concerned. It can be very distracting. You should go for ambient lights only if you are planning to host a dance party inside the vehicle.

Faux Roof rails

roof rail

The main purpose of faux roof rails is cosmetic. Yes, they do make vehicles look good but there is no other use of the rails. Faux roof rails are quite expensive too. You can just ignore them if you want to save money and looks are not your first priority.

Voice commands

Voice Assist

Voice commands may seem very useful but the feature is pretty much useless in India. The systems are developed in the foreign markets and most such systems do not understand the Indian accent at all. So next time you get a car with voice commands, make sure you learn to speak with an accent, else, it will mostly be useless for you.

Automatic wipers


Automatic wipers use sensors to detect water and turn on the wipers automatically. Again, just like the automatic headlamps, the auto wipers are utterly over-hyped features that can be ignored. It increases the complexity of the system and if they break, you will have to shell out a lot to repair them.