10 popular cars that saved their occupants’ lives in shocking crashes

Car crashes are tough to understand. You see some slow crashes that result in a lot of damage, death and injury and then you see some ghastly crashes, where you think the occupants would have barely survived. However in many cases of ghastly crashes, people walk away with minor injuries. Here are 10 such crashes.

Maruti Swift

car crash 6

The Swift incident is a bizarre one and is really shocking, that both the driver and passenger survived the crash. From the information that is known, the truck lost control and rammed into the Swift, which then got dragged into the pole. Both the people in the Swift were belted up which resulted in them surviving. The other reasons for them surviving is that the Swift’s body took the impact of the crash and crumpled.

Also, due to the truck dragging the car, much of the momentum was dissipated before the Swift was pushed onto the pole.

Ford Figo

car crash 7

This one was the all-new Ford Figo which met with a crash just yesterday. The car had 5 people on board, all of who got out with minor injuries, which is a miracle given the condition of the vehicle. The incident was caused when a trailer ahead of this Figo abruptly stopped due to a cyclist coming in the way.

While the Figo did manage to stop in time, there was another trailer behind the Figo which couldn’t stop and came crashing into the Figo, causing it to be wedged between the two trailers. All 5 occupants on board were belted, according to the report and hence walked away without much injury. Also the car’s crumple zones did their job, absorbing much of the impact. The incident occurred on the road connecting Madurai and Tirunelveli.

Maruti Baleno

car crash 3

This Baleno crash occured in Faridabad, near Delhi. The car was reportedly a new vehicle. The driver of the car got involved in a race with a BMW, according to the reports. While overtaking the BMW, he lost control of the car due to the high speeds and ended up crashing into a tree first and then went into a wall, before coming to a halt. The driver (only person in the car) escaped with minimal injuries, courtesy the airbags and the seatbelts. Also, the Baleno is a car that meets future crash safety norms of India (BNVSAP).

Chevrolet Cruze

car crash 5

This accident took place near Lonavala. The incident occurred when a truck, which was ahead of this very Cruze stopped abruptly giving the driver of the Cruze very less time to react. Though he did slam on the brakes, he still crashed into the truck.

While the damage on the car is a lot, the driver(only person in the car) walked away with a few scratches, mainly due to the hood folding up and taking up much of the impact. The steering airbag made sure that the driver’s head and chest were protected. Also, the Cruze is a well built car with a stable body structure.

Renault Scala

car crash 2

This incident occurred on the Hyderabad-Pune highway, at night. The driver was the only person in the car at the time of the crash and he walked away with minor cuts and bruises. He doesn’t remember what happened, however from the looks of it, he has rear-ended a truck. The steering airbag deployed as the driver was wearing a seatbelt. Also, the car’s left body took much of the impact, thereby sparing the driver.

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