10 popular Indian motorcycles that are scaled down 'superbikes': Honda CBR250R to Yamaha R15

10 popular Indian motorcycles that are scaled down ‘superbikes’: Honda CBR250R to Yamaha R15

With India being the world’s largest two-wheeler market in terms of volume, most major motorcycle manufacturers, such as Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, etc have planned to establish themselves well in the country. While these motorcycle-making giants are known for their powerful and sharp high-displacement models, these ‘biggies’ can’t help them much in the Indian context of things. Hence, they have tried to capitalize on the high brand image these superbikes enjoy by coming up with their smaller versions. These bikes aren’t replicas of the aforementioned superbikes. They don’t even offer half as much power or technology. They have much smaller engines and even cost many times lesser. But what makes them special is the plenty of design inspiration they take from the renowned superbikes.

Honda CBR250R – Honda VFR1400

The recently relaunched CBR250R looks a lot like the VFR1200. While there’s not even a single panel that the two motorcycles share, similar paint schemes and designs for the panels make the two related. This goes a long way in giving the baby-CBR a big bike feel.

Honda Hornet CB160R – CB1000R

Another Honda motorcycle in India that looks a fair bit like a much bigger model is the Hornet CB160R. The India-spec CB160R takes plenty of design inspiration from the CB10OOR. The latter is a globally acclaimed liter-class streetnaked. Of course, our Hornet is a lot less powerful and cheaper, too, but you do get similar big bike looks.

YAMAHA R15 – R1/R6

The Yamaha R15 is a very successful entry-level supersports model that takes plenty of design inspiration from the R1 and the R6. As a result, it manages to look a lot sportier than any other bike in its class. True, it’s a lot less powerful than its siblings, but you also pay a lot lesser for one of these.

Yamaha FZ25 – FZ1n

Another sufficiently capable India-spec Yamaha that takes plenty of inspiration from a bigger sibling is the FZ25. The FZ25 is a quarter-liter streetnaked that looks a fair bit like the bigger, mightier FZ1n. This helps the FZ25 to look sufficiently macho and have a high street presence.

Yamaha Fazer 25 – Yamaha Fazer 1000


Just like their streetnaked siblings, even the Fazer 250 and the Fazeer 1000 look a bit like each other. This gives the India-spec Fazer, which is essentially a faired version of the FZ25 motorcycle, a really high street presence.

KTM 390 Duke – 790 Duke

The very tasty KTM 390 Duke takes plenty of design inspiration from the 790 Duke. Of course, it’s a lot less powerful but we simply can’t stop marveling at how the cheaper Katoom looks almost as sharp as its elder sibling.

KTM RC 390 – RC8

Very much like the Duke 390-Duke 790, the RC 390 and the RC 8 share some design cues between them. This helps the RC 390 with having design and styling that almost mimics the one on the more powerful and costlier RC8.

Suzuki Gixxer 155 – GSX-S1000

The highly successful Gixxer 155 offers a good mix of performance, frugality, refinement, and affordability. However, the best bit is that it looks similar to the much costlier (and much sportier) GSX-R1000. Similar paint schemes and styling elements make the Gixxer a tad more special than its rivals.

Suzuki Gixxer SF – GSX-R1000

Akin to the above streetnakeds, even the Gixxer SF and the GSX-1000R are related. The former takes plenty of design inspiration from the latter. Of course, it costs a lot lesser and is even a lot less powerful, but the similarity in the design helps it win a lot of hearts

Suzuki Intruder 155 – Intruder M1800

Even the third Suzuki motorcycle on this list takes plenty of inspiration from a much bigger sibling. We are talking about the Suzuki Intruder 155, which takes plenty of design cues from the might Intruder M1800. So, basically, you get somewhat similar looks at a fraction of the cost.