10 Really Stupid Driving Things That Could Get You Killed

Snapshot – The road is a treacherous place, and Indian roads can be classified as ultra dangerous. While even the most thorough defensive driving techniques can’t guarantee you your safety, stupid driving will get you killed, sooner than later. Today, we list out 10 really stupid driving things that could get you killed. Pay close attention, and ensure that you’re never guilty of these driving sins.

Skipping seat belts

Driving without seat belts

The seat belt is your first layer of safety if things go wrong, horribly wrong. So, belt up as soon as you get into the car. And this applies to folks sitting on the back seat too. Not wearing a seat belt can result in the passengers being violently thrown around in the car during an accident. And the car’s internals aren’t made of jelly.

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Wrong Lane Driving

[Image courtesy BDNews]

Driving on the wrong side of the road to save a couple of kilometers is not cool. Basically, never put yourself in a position where other motorists don’t expect you to be. By driving in the wrong side, you’re doing just that. Don’t be a sitting duck.

Blindly trusting the traffic lights

Slow Down At Traffic Light

Never blindly trust the traffic lights. You have to stop when it’s red, start moving when it’s green and slow down when it is yellow. But these movements need to be gentle, not sudden. If you take off as soon as the lights turn green without checking whether the other traffic line has stopped, collisions are inevitable.

Doing 120 Kph in a school zone

Slow Down School Zone

When you see a school zone, or children on the road, or even a ball bouncing off the road, you have to slow down instinctively. Not doing means that you could run over a child. Doing 120 Kph in a school zone is border insane. There’s a reason driving licences are only issued to people above 18. You got to behave like an adult.

Overtaking fast vehicles in a slow car expecting others to slow down

Reckless Overtaking

This is an ego massaging thing many drivers in India resort to, by overtaking faster traffic in a slow car and expecting oncoming traffic to slow down. If the oncoming vehicles don’t quickly realize what you’re doing, a collision is imminent. God save you if the oncoming vehicle is a truck with little chance of slowing down quickly.


Picnicking on expressways

picnic on highway

The Yamuna expressway is a favourite haunt of picnickers who feel that paying the heavy toll entitles them to bring out their picnic baskets and settle down for a breakfast and tea. This is exactly what the “don’t stop on the expressway” boards warn you against. Such picnicking is downright dangerous, considering the high speed traffic and regular tyre bursts that happen on high speed expressways.

Abrupt braking in the middle of the road

car accident

Abrupt braking in the middle of the road just because you forgot something back home and want to turn around to pick it up is very dangerous. It could kill a scooter or motorcyclist following close behind and if you have a truck behind you, your car’s length could be halved.

Sudden lane changes without warning

Sudden Lane Change

Sudden lane changes without warning are the other things that can kill two wheeler riders and put you in big trouble if a large truck happens to be speeding on the lane you’ve chosen to swerve into. Smooth and steady moves on the roads are the safest.

Doing 120 Kph in hot summer on a cement expressway

Tyre burst accident

[Image courtesy Team-BHP]

If you happen to drive on expressway constructed with cement, you’ll frequently observe strips of rubber lying on the road. They’re essentially the pre-cursors to tyre bursts. Doing 120 Kph on the Yamuna Expressway in hot summer is a surefire way to get your tyres hot enough for an explosion. A tyre burst can kill. Religiously follow speed limits.

Not honking on blind curves

Honk Blind Curve

Blind curves have dangers lurking around them. Two sharp honks can greatly reduce this danger by informing oncoming traffic blind to you that you’re approaching. While at it, slow down to a comfortable pace so that you can take evasive action if you spot someone coming at breakneck speeds.

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