10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

The debate of car guys vs. bikers is endless. But there are many things that car guys do that annoys the bikers in India. Here are ten things that make bikers hate car guys.


Bikers are invisible

Most car guys do not even acknowledge the two-wheelers on the road. Just because the size of the bikes is smaller than the cars, they feel invincible when they see bikers on the road.

There have been numerous incidents when a car guy spots a biker and just carries on with the manoeuvre irrespective of the fact that the biker may get hurt. Most of the times, bikers have to brake because car guy did not notice that another vehicle, much smaller in size is also sharing the road.

No lane discipline

10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

Indian car guys have no habit of maintaining lanes. Most of the time cars are haphazardly line up on the roads. This fails the purpose of lane-splitting, which is why bikes are preferred by many. This also makes the traffic become slower and leaves no space of bikers on the road.

No overtaking opportunity

Most car guys drive like they own the road and their senses towards the bikers are shut. It is impossible to get a side from the car guys on the highways. Even after numerous high-beam flashes, honking, the car guys continue to ignore bikers on the road. Even the high-end bikes, which are much quicker and faster than the cars struggle to get side on the highways.

Throw things out of the window

10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

Car guys, sitting in the iron cage often throw things like wrappers, plastic bottles outside the window without looking out for other vehicles. This affects the bikers the most. The bikers exposed and such things may hit them and cause an accident. Many people travelling by car also spit out and throw cigarette ash outside the window causing problems to the bikers.

Driving fast through puddle

10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

We agree that splashing water during rainy days is fun, but it is highly hazardous for the bikers. There have been many incidents when the car guys do not notice the other vehicles on the road. Such vehicles go at full speed through the water and splash on other vehicles including bikers. This may make them happy, but it sure makes other motorists very unhappy and annoyed.

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