10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

India is world’s largest two-wheeler market. The two-wheelers outnumber the four-wheelers by a huge number on the roads. There are many annoying things that most Indian bikers do. We bring you ten reasons why car guys hate the bikers in India.


Many Indian bikers involve in stunting. The most annoying part of stunting is they perform it on the public roads, sometimes on crowded city roads. While it may be fascinating for a few to watch them perform stunts, it is highly unsafe for fellow road users.

The stunts grab a lot of attention and other motorists may get involved in an accident while watching such bikers perform. Also, stunts may go horribly wrong and hurt other commuters or pedestrians.

Wrong way

Due to the compact size of the motorcycles, many riders just take a wrong way on the road. Many bikers do it because the wrong way is shorter or it is just easier to reach using the wrong way. Many bikers simply jump dividers on sensing a jam and continue to ride on the wrong carriageway. It is extremely unsafe and inconvenient for other road users to tackle bikers coming head-on at a high speed.

Weaving through traffic

10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Many bikers love to weave through traffic at high speed causing nuisance and giving surprises to the fellow motorists. Many bikers go through small gaps and keep changing lanes to pass other vehicles. While it may look like fun to the bikers but it annoys the other vehicles tremendously. The unpredictable nature can also cause accidents. Most bikers follow their weaving habit in both city traffic and highway.

Hitting wing mirrors and riding away

10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

One of the most annoying things done by the bikers is trying to squeeze into space between two cars. In an effort to go ahead, many bikers hit the ORVMs and then simply ride away even without acknowledging the wrongdoing. Such bikers come out of nowhere and hit the mirrors and ride away. It is one of the reasons why many car drivers fold their mirrors in traffic, which is not safe at all.

Riding on footpaths and causing jam

10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Many bikers choose to climb the footpaths with the two-wheelers if the traffic is slow or if there’s a jam. Such bikers overtake and try to meet the road, which causes a further jam. Even though it is illegal to ride motorcycles on the footpath, many bikers take the route to save time and cause massive jams.

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