Cars for the price of an automatic scooter? Ever thought you could get a reliable yet comfortable car for less than Rs 50,000? Yes, some may be older than 15 years, which means registering them in Delhi NCR will be a problem. However for the rest of the country, you shall be okay. Here are 10 such cars

Maruti 800

Maruti 800
Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 is one of the oldest hatchbacks in the market. The vehicle was available for more than 2 decades. The best part about the 800 is that it is extremely reliable, cheap to run and maintain and real fun to drive. The 800 has been a first car for many people and also holds sentimental value for them and hence it still has decent resale value. There are many examples that can be found below Rs 50,000. You can find one here: Link

Maruti Zen


The Zen was the first fun hatchback that was introduced by Maruti. It came with a 1 liter engine with decent power (50 Bhp), was more spacious and more fun to drive as well. In its time, it was also one of the first few driver oriented hatchbacks in the market. The biggest advantage of the Zen is the fact that it can easily swallow an Esteem engine or make do with a turbo charger making the car extremely mod friendly. Here is one for Rs 50,000 : Link

Maruti Esteem


The Esteem is one of the first sedans from Maruti. It was an extremely popular vehicle as it was reliable, cheap to run, had adequate space and was extremely fun to drive as well. In the earlier days and even now, the Esteem is used for racing and rallying. The vehicle is very capable and has a lot of mod potential and hence is chosen by enthusiasts who want a cheap project car. Here is a 2007 model for Rs 50,000 : Link

Hyundai Santro


The Santro set Hyundai’s pace in the country. It was among the first tall-boy hatchbacks that were introduced in the country, along with the Matiz. The Santro has been well known for its reliability and the fact that it has always been easy to drive and use. Here is one for Rs 50,000: Link

Maruti Omni

Maruti Suzuki Omni

The Omni has been on sale for a long time now. While it isn’t very modern, the vehicle still happens to be the most commonly used vehicle for transporting people and goods. While it is mainly used as a cab, being so practical, it can be used as a brilliant people mover. It is cheap to own (nothing much to go wrong) and is easy to drive too. Here is one example for Rs 45,000: Link

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