10 simple yet highly useful accessories for the Royal Enfield Classic & Bullet motorcycles

Royal Enfield bikes have been hugely successful in the Indian market with their retro styling and that signature thump. Also, Royal Enfield bikes are among the most commonly modified and accessorised motorcycles. Here is a list of 10 accessories that you can get directly from the company, saving you the time and pain of aftermarket fitments.

Saddle bags

The recent Pegasus and Signals variant of the Classic came with cool retro-looking saddle bags, which took the bike’s appeal to a whole new level. This goes on to show what a well-appointed saddle bag can do to the overall look of the bike. Royal Enfield has been selling them since a long time as a bike accessory and this trend seems to be catching up fast now.

Bike cover

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Cover

Image courtesy BurtonBikeBits

A true bike lover knows the importance of a proper cover for the bike. Especially for bikes like Royal Enfield that demand high attention and maintenance, a cover is a must. Therefore, Royal Enfield provides bespoke covers for its range of bikes at dealerships and its website too. Get one today, if you haven’t got one yet.

Crash guard

Crash guards are a must for bullet bikes. A good crash guard protects your beloved and prevents any major damage to the engine and chassis in a crash or similar situation. Dealerships provide especially made crash guards for the whole Royal Enfield bike range.

Saree guard

Royal Enfield Crash Guard

Image courtesy Praful Tripathy/BCMTouring

Though it may not appear to be of much use today, a saree guard is a must if you are often accompanied by a saree-clad member while riding. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to avoid any complications, which may occur and is easily available for installation in dealerships.

Colour/teflon coating

Royal Enfield Teflon Coating

What’s better than personalising your bike just after you get it. Royal Enfield dealerships offer colour or Teflon coatings as per your choice. Anti-rust coatings can also be done to ensure longevity of the bike.


Royal Enfield Alloy Wheels

One of the most popular mod Royal Enfield riders do is to give the bike new rims to ride on. Apart from aftermarket options, you can now get a host of options at the dealership too. From multi spoke to two spoke, nearly all sets are available at the dealerships. You might have to shell out some extra bucks but you get original rims, unlike what you may get outside sometimes (local, defective).


Royal Enfield Classic 500 Official Off Road Exhaust

With that famous thump paired with an equally potent exhaust, you’re sure to blow up the streets when you roll. A good silencer doesn’t only enhance the acoustics of the bike but also take up the performance a few notches. Various options are available in the dealership itself so that your brand new love rolls out of the showroom, roaring.

Hand grips

Royal Enfield Hand Grip Accessory

A comfortable hand grip can do wonders for comfort while riding. Bespoke hand grips for both the Classic and Bullet range are available at RE dealerships. This is one of the smaller bits many people overlook but take our word for it, good hand grips work like a charm for your hands. Not only do they provide better grip levels but also prevent your palms from tiring of holding the handlebars.


Royal Enfield Windshield

Windscreens may not prove to be of much use in everyday commuting. However, if you regularly take your bike out for long rides, they can be a solace. A good, rigid windscreen helps to keep fatigue at bay during long rides. All sizes of windscreen are available at dealerships, so get one according to your riding needs.


Royal Enfield Pannier

Image courtesy Dirtsack

Many may argue that panniers look uncool but you’ll have to admit, they are very practical. And now you can have them without trading looks for practicality. Dealerships offer made-for-Royal Enfield panniers and they come in various shapes, sizes and colour.