10 SOLID reasons why Royal Enfield motorcycles are selling so well

Royal Enfield motorcycle is one of the most popular brands in the Indian market. Over the years, the Royal Enfield has gained a substantial share of the market and is currently leading in the segment that it operates. As per sales data, Royal Enfield sold 23,539 units of the bikes in 2000, which has increased to 7.53 lakh in 2017. What makes Royal Enfield so successful? Let’s find out.

The brand

Royal Enfield brand is the oldest two-wheeler brand in the world, even older than Harley-Davidson. The brand has now gained a cult following due to its unique features. The vintage body design, lasting impression of the thumping exhaust and their unique styling leaves an impression on most of the onlookers. The Royal Enfield brand is now known for its brotherhood people do get influenced by them on the road.

Much more reliable

The modern-day Royal Enfield motorcycles have become much more reliable than what they used to be in the past. Still, there are quality related issues which are strongly voiced by many customers, the modern-day Royal Enfields are nothing like they used to be in the past. All Royal Enfields are now made in a world-class manufacturing facility in Chennai with the use of advanced robotics.

The new Unit Construction Engine (UCE) is much more advanced than the older cast iron AVL engines and they do not break down as much. Royal Enfield Class now gets a 3,000 km service interval, which is at par with the other motorcycles in the market. There is also 24 months or 24,000 km warranty on the Classic range, which shows the improvement in quality.

Has become easier to ride

The modern features like an electric starter, disc brakes have made it much easier to ride than the previous generation Royal Enfield bikes. Owning a Royal Enfield in earlier days required skills but not anymore. They have become much more conventional too. Earlier, the gear-lever was put on the right-hand side but now it has been shifted to the left-hand side, making it much easier to use. This also attracts a lot of buyers who stayed away from the brand.

More spending power

The Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite expensive. While the economy is growing, the spending power of the youths is also increasing. People who would have settled for a much affordable bike in the past due to limited funds are going out and getting what they want. The increased spending power means that the young ones are getting the products that they always liked.

Updated showroom line-up

Royal Enfield may take a lot of time to come up with all-new engines, products and updates but the brand keeps on launching an updated product every now and then. Now, these products may not be radically different from the current line-up but they keep the brand in news. For example, Royal Enfield launched the Classic Desert Storm, Himalayan Sleet and now the TunderbirdX. This really keeps the showroom fresh for the visitors.

Now, these factors did help Royal Enfield to become successful in the market but what keeps the momentum up?


Royal Enfield may be termed as an obsolete brand by many critics but they are one brand who have entered a few all-new segments in India. Royal Enfield launched the first affordable cafe racer of India known as the Continental GT. The bike did not become very popular but it did keep the onlookers on their toes. It was an attractive product. Royal Enfield then launched the Himalayan, India’s most affordable adventure motorcycle, that again created ripples among the enthusiasts.

The next level

The Royal Enfield will become first Indian manufacturer to launch a parallel-twin cylinder motorcycle. That’s how they are advancing in the market. Later this year, the all-new 650cc parallel-twin engine powered Interceptor and the Continental GT will be launched. The bikes will be the most affordable twin-cylinder product in India, which will attract many more customers to the brand.


Royal Enfield actively participates and organizes events all through the country that keep the customers engaged. Events like Ridermania, Himalayan Odyssey, REUnion and even international events like Tour of Tibet are organised by the brand regularly. This creates a massive social media presence and keeps the customers engaged. No other brand in India engages with the customers like Royal Enfield.

Major dealership expansion

Royal Enfield sales network has multiplied in recent years. The brand is present in as many as 367 cities with 587 dealerships. It used to be a very limited number a few years back but with the major sales network boost, the Royal Enfield motorcycles have become much more accessible to the people.


Royal Enfields are the most customised motorcycles in India. Even the brand itself releases factory custom models and to promote customisation, they have even tied up with modders and have showcased their products in the showrooms. No other brand in India is open about customisation yet. This gives the youngsters and bikers a chance to be highlighted from the rest in the traffic. Customisation is also one of the main reasons of Royal Enfield’s popularity in India.