10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

India became the world’s biggest two-wheeler market earlier this year after overtaking Chinese market. The booming motorcycle market is primarily ruled by commuter bikes, and yet, there will soon be a bombardment of new motorcycles aimed at the growing segment of affordable performance motorcycles. Here is a list of ten upcoming performance motorcycles that will be launched soon in India.

Benelli 302R

Expected Launch: July 2017

10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

The Italian manufacturer, Benelli is getting a good response in India due to its affordable price tag. After launching popular bikes like TNT 300 and TNT 25 in the Indian market, Benelli will bring its first fully-faired motorcycle to the Indian market.

The Benelli 302R is based on the TNT 300 and is powered by the same engine. The fully faired motorcycle will get power from a 302 cc engine that generates a maximum power of 37.73 Bhp. The motorcycle will carry a price tag of around Rs. 3 lakh.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 750

Expected Launch: Late 2017

10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

Royal Enfield is testing its first dual cylinder powered motorcycle in 60 years, and the motorcycle has been spotted in India. The motorcycle, which is still in its testing stages look much like the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535, but gets changes like dual exhaust.

The motorcycle gets 750cc parallel twin engine that is expected to get overhead cam layout like the Himalayan’s LS410 engine. The details are not known yet, but the bike is expected to get around 50 Bhp and 60-70 Nm of torque. The motorcycle will take on the likes of Harley-Davidson Street 750 in India and be priced around Rs. 3.5-4 lakh.

TVS Apache RR 310 S (Akula)

Expected launch: October 2017

10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

The TVS Apache RR 310 S is one of the most anticipated motorcycles in the Indian market. It is the faired version of the BMW G310R, which will be launched in 2018 in India. It will be first fully faired motorcycle from TVS and will get some high-tech features. The motorcycle will draw power from the re-tuned version of the 313cc, liquid-cooled engine that powers the BMW G310R.

The single-cylinder engine produces a maximum of 34 Bhp – 28 Nm in the BMW G310R but will be re-tuned to suit track-friendly nature of the Akula 310R. TVS has reportedly tested and developed the motorcycle on track for performance. It has been already caught on test on the Indian roads and will be launched with an expected price tag of Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Yamaha Fazer 250

Expected launch: September 2017

10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

Yamaha launched the FZ25 in India earlier this year, and the naked motorcycle is receiving decent feedback from the market. Yamaha is now planning to launch a faired version of the motorcycle in the form of Fazer 250. The motorcycle has been caught testing on the Indian roads already.

The motorcycle will get all-LED headlamps just like the FZ25. It gets semi body fairing that keeps the engine exposed but makes the motorcycle look quite attractive. The Fazer 250 gets split seats and clip-on handlebars. The engine will remain similar to the naked version of the motorcycle. It will be powered by 249cc air-cooled plus oil-cooled engine. The single cylinder, fuel injected engine produces a maximum power of 20.2 Bhp and 20 Nm of peak torque.

Kawasaki Versys X-300

Expected launch: Late 2017

10 SPORTY & exciting yet affordable bikes launching in 2017

Kawasaki unveiled its smallest adventure motorcycle at the EICMA show last year. This year, the brand will bring the motorcycle to the Indian market. Christened as Versys X-300, the motorcycle gets many off-road friendly features. The motorcycle gets 41 mm front forks, and a Uni-Trak gas charged mono-shock at the rear.

The motorcycle is powered by the same 296cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine that powers the Ninja 300. The engine generates 38.5 Bhp – 27 Nm and gets a 6-speed gearbox. The motorcycle comes with a 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheels. Kawasaki is expected to price it around Rs. 4 lakh

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