10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good

There are many aftermarket car accessories available freely in the market. While some of them are useful and help the occupants of the vehicle, a few of them are plain stupid. Such accessories may harm the vehicle and cause injuries to the occupants. Here are ten such accessories that should be avoided.

Seat Belt reminder override

10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good

Seat belts are the most important safety measure in a vehicle. If the occupants are not wearing a seat belt, the consequences can be huge. Many manufacturers have started putting a reminder for the driver seatbelt, and it keeps on beeping until it detects the seat belt has been fastened.

To overcome this, aftermarket accessory manufacturers have come up with seat belt reminder override accessory. It is a similar lock that comes with the seatbelt and once put; it silences the reminder. The car may go silent, but this may prove fatal in the event of an accident.

Aftermarket cup holders

10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good

Many modern day vehicles do not come with standard cup holders, or the present number of holders are not enough for the passengers. There are aftermarket cup holders that can be installed in a car. Such cup holders can be placed anywhere in the car, but the positioning is vital.

The standard cup holders are designed so that the drink can spill and not cause a problem with the functioning of a car. Aftermarket cup holders, if placed wrongly, can cause a lot of challenges like liquid seeping in the dashboard and affect the electricals. The drink container may also fall and roll under the pedal of the vehicle to cause a lot of problems.

Bull bars

10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good


Bull bars have become a common sight in the vehicles in the modern world. While vehicles used for off-road may find it very useful to tackle terrains with a lot of boulders, stones and long grass, in the city conditions it can be very dangerous. People install bullbars to avoid any contact of their precious vehicle with other vehicles while driving through busy city traffic.

Aftermarket bull bars are designed while not keeping safety aspect of the car in mind. In a case of an accident, the bull bar becomes the first point of contact, and it passes on all the impact to the chassis of the vehicle. It severely damages the frame, and the occupants feel the violent impact. It happens because the car’s crumple zones do not take on the impact directly and they do not absorb the impact altogether.

Also, vehicles with airbags have the sensors in the front-end of the car. If the bull bar is installed at front, the sensors do not receive enough impact to initiate the airbags. There have been many such incidents where the airbags did not open due to the airbags.

Shrill Horns

10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good

Shrill horns or pressure horns have been banned on the roads. The pressure horns work by building a huge pressure and releasing it suddenly causing a very loud sound. Such horns cause a lot of noise pollution. Use of pressure horns may also startle the other motorists and cause accidents on the road.

LED bars above headlamps

10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good

The LED lamps have become latest fashion accessories to decorate cars in India. The widely available LED bars are installed on the roof of many vehicles causing extreme light and even temporary blindness. Car manufacturers install the headlamps after a lot of research and the position of the headlamps are in a way that they do not cause much distraction to the oncoming traffic. Any light above them are illegal and can cause a lot of problems.

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